Arab politician played the call to prayer in the Israeli Parliament

Member of the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) from the United Arab list and Ahmed Tibi played the Muslim call to prayer (adhan) in the courtroom. About it reports The Independent.

Thus Tibi protested against the consideration of the law prohibiting the use of sound amplifiers in mosques when the call of believers to pray.

The draft document is called the law of “the muezzins,” although its provisions apply to all places of worship.

About 18 percent of Israel’s population are Arabs, most of them are Muslims and they blame the Jewish majority in discrimination against them. “This law reflects the fascism that is growing in Israeli society,” Tibi said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a speech in support of the document. According to him, many Israelis are, the followers of different religions, complained about excessive noise during a call of the muezzins.

“Israel is committed to freedom for all religions, but is also responsible for protecting its citizens from the noise,” said Netanyahu.

A similar bill has already been brought up for discussion by the representatives of the party “Israel Our home” in 2011 and 2014. Then, the initiative has received the support of the party leader and foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Netanyahu, but the law has not been adopted. At this time, the authors rely on the success of their initiative has the support of most members of the Knesset.