The Swiss air force is not the first time the aircraft was escorted SLO “Russia”

The aircraft of the Swiss air force is not the first time, was escorted aboard a special flight detachment “Russia”, when they fly over the territory of the country. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press-Secretary of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation Elena Krylov.


Earlier in the Network appeared the video, which depicted the flight of fighters Switzerland near the plane with the Russian delegation, EN route to the APEC summit in Peru. To the Board with the delegation of the Russian Federation dangerously close fighters of Switzerland. The record shows, as the two fighters with the flag of Switzerland for several minutes to follow along with a Russian plane.


It also became known that journalists of the Kremlin pool will miss several events of the APEC summit in Peru because of the failure of the Il-96-300. Plane special flight detachment “Russia” has landed in Lisbon to refuel. After that, on Board a fault.

Photo: Dmitry Smirnov/Twitter