Swiss fighter jets escorted the aircraft with the Russian delegation

Archive photo Continued: there was a video of the flight Swiss fighter jets near Russian side

Two fighters with the Swiss flag a few minutes accompanied the aircraft with the Russian delegation on Board, flying to Peru for the APEC summit. On Friday, November 18, the correspondent “reports”, which was located in the interior of the liner.

Presumably, the Swiss aircraft approached at an unsafe distance to the Board, where, in particular, journalists of the Kremlin pool, and the staff of the Protocol office of the President. Fighter jets escorted the plane for about 10 minutes, when he was flying over Switzerland.

First military aircraft flew under the left wing of the liner, then the right. Before they sharply swerved to the side, the pilot of one of the fighters waved a hand.

The flight crew called this case is not unique, said the correspondent of the publication.

In October last year, the Swiss F/A-18 came close to the Russian plane with parliamentarians who went to Geneva for the session of the inter-Parliamentary Union. The authorities refused to apologize for the incident, stating that the convergence of the aircraft of the Swiss air force with the liner with the deputies of the state Duma was on a routine patrol of air space.