Liner with members of the Russian delegation at the APEC summit broke down in Lisbon

Continued: the Reserve Board will take in Lisbon spare parts to repair the aircraft with reporters

The plane, which flew to Peru for the APEC summit, the journalists and members of the Russian delegation, broke down in Lisbon, where it was refueling. It is planned that after eliminating the aircraft will fly to Lima. Most likely, he will arrive in Peru’s capital on Saturday evening, November 19, after the start of the summit, RIA Novosti reported.

Previously when flying over the territory of Switzerland the aircraft for several minutes was accompanied by two fighter jets with the Swiss flag. First military aircraft flew under the left wing of the liner, then the right. Before they sharply swerved to the side, the pilot of one of the fighters waved a hand.

In addition to participating in the working sessions, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has scheduled a number of bilateral meetings, including talks with the Chinese President, the Prime Minister of Japan, presidents of the Philippines, Vietnam and Peru.