Kudrin called the reaction of the Russians to win trump’s “excessive euphoria”

Alexei Kudrin

Former Russian Finance Minister and head of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin in interview to TV channel “Russia 1” he called the reaction to trump’s victory in US elections is “excessive euphoria”. The transcript of the interview results Вести.Ru.

Kudrin noted that no one knows what the real policy will be carried out in respect of Russia the newly elected President of the United States, and recalled the stumbling blocks about which the two countries still have a serious dialogue.

“Key issues in relations between Russia and the USA still have the problem of NATO expansion and the problem of missile defense, and the problem of Donbass and Ukraine, the issues in Syria and a number of other geopolitical issues. Depending on them will build relations with the United States,” — said the politician.

If these issues are resolved, improvement of relations should not wait Kudrin predicts. At the same time notes that with this understanding on the part of trump “would have better chances for promotion.”

Earlier in November, speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared that despite the fact that trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a match on the key issues, to succumb to the euphoria after the victory of the Republican is not worth it.

On 9 November the state Duma greeted the news of victory tramp on the American election with applause. In his speech on the occasion of the election, the politician promised to seek common ground, not hostility with partners in the world. A few days later, Putin and trump held telephone talks, the results of which agreed to join forces in the fight against international terrorism and extremism.