Posted a video of the flight of fighter of Switzerland near the Russian side

In the Network published a video which depicted a flight of fighters of Switzerland near the plane with the Russian delegation, EN route to the APEC summit in Peru. Footage on his page in Facebook posted the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Smirnov.


The record shows, as the two fighters with the flag of Switzerland for several minutes to follow along with a Russian plane.


“Pathetically fly to Lima: passed over Switzerland with an escort of two F-18 with ammunition. The pilot was glad that he was shot, waved his hand and went up beautifully. But then I came back,” wrote Simon.


“This, incidentally, is considered to be a dangerous rapprochement?” – asked the journalist.


Previously RIA Novosti reported that in the airspace of Switzerland to the plane with the Russian delegation on Board, following in Peru for the APEC summit, and closer military aircraft of Switzerland. The passengers of the Russian plane was even able to consider the Swiss flag on the tail of one of the fighter, its tail number J-5024 and the face of the pilot. The crew has assured that such measures are common practice.

Video: Dmitry Simonov/Facebook