The deputies were forbidden to travel outside of Moscow beyond 50 km


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Deputies of the State Duma has forbidden to travel outside of Moscow on the service vehicle further than 50 km from Sources in the state Duma, wished to remain anonymous, told RT that this oral order which is not regulated by legal acts. Experts attribute this measure to the new exchange rate management implemented in an updated state Duma. As disciplinary deputies at RT.

Members of the lower house of the Parliament was forbidden to travel outside of Moscow on the service vehicle further than 50 km from the border of the city. This told RT from three sources in the State Duma.

“It’s not in the rules and regulations or Federal laws, were not spelled out clear limits to how many kilometers inland of the region can follow the Deputy. But there is an oral order that the administrative boundaries of Moscow to the Moscow region to drive the service vehicle is not further than 50 kilometers. This recommendation existed before, but very often it turned a blind eye. Now this is not just a recommendation, but a ban,” said RT one of the deputies.

Thus, members cannot use the office car to visit Sergiev Posad (60 km from Moscow) or Dubna (about 110 km).

According to the Federal law on transport service of deputies of the state Duma, parliamentarians for travel on official business the car is provided to authorities of subjects of Federation for Moscow and Moscow region, — Federal authorities. Additional restrictions in the relevant article of the law is not specified.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on transport Alexander Starovoitov believes that the restrictions on the movement of office cars right. He explained RT that the majority of deputies represent regions, so travel around the Moscow region, they are often only for personal purposes.

“If, say, the Deputy from Bashkortostan and Irkutsk — why would he go, for example, in Pushkino? He’s got the voters there. That is, most likely, he will go there for personal reasons not related to job performance. Therefore, I believe that such restrictions caused by the desire to restore order in the State Duma, and there is nothing wrong with that: the elected representatives are not forbidden to go anywhere, but this should be done by private car or public transport,” — said Starovoitov.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy and entrepreneurship Yevgeny Fyodorov (“United Russia”) said that such action was primarily due to the difficult economic situation in the country and the need to save.

“I mostly use a private car, so those limitations do not affect me. I think that this is done in order to save to a higher mileage deputies traveled by another mode of transport — train or train. Overall, I think this is one of the measures to improve discipline in the Duma as the prohibition of voting by proxy” — said Fedorov.

Recall that in late October, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov has made to the regulations of the lower chamber of the amendment abolishing the possibility to vote by proxy instead of colleagues. Now only valid personal vote. If the Deputy is absent for a valid reason, he / she may Express his position by submitting an application to the Chairman of the state Duma.

In addition, the Board approved changes to the rules of good reasons of absence of the parliamentarian at the meeting. In particular, the list includes such reasons as illness of the Deputy, the trip to the official delegation and agreed with the head of fraction travel. Skip plenary sessions allowed the leadership of the state Duma speaker, Deputy speakers and faction leaders, if they are required to participate in the activities of other authorities.

We have changed the order of members: the voting on all draft laws was held from 17 to 18 hours, now, according to the new procedure, voting on the bill depends on the relevant Committee. If the document is approved and recommended for adoption, the vote thereon will be immediately after the discussion. But on the evening submitted initiatives recommended for refusal.

18 October, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that the chamber discusses the deductibility of parliamentary salaries for absenteeism from the plenary sessions. Member of the Committee on rules and organization of work of the State Duma Vladimir Burmatov considers that now launched the process not only of discipline but also improve the consideration of bills.

“If a member was absent during the consideration of matters relating to his region, what quality to expect from the work of this Deputy? If problem the Far East came to discuss the deputies from that region, but on culture, no one came from the relevant Committee, I can talk about the irresponsibility of these elected officials. Here I chose from the Chelyabinsk region more than 87 thousand people. And I’m someone subcontract? Give your vote to someone else? No. I honestly go to every meeting. It’s a measure of responsibility. But if I go and present, they begin to defend their beliefs, are actively discussing those or other decisions”, — said the Deputy.

We will remind, in may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the law on status of deputies. According to this law, a member of the lower house of Parliament or Senator may be deprived of mandate for failure to perform duties (in particular, participation in Council meetings, committees and commissions) within a month or more.

Igor Molotov