WSJ: Washington is afraid of Moscow’s influence on elections in Europe


© AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik

Officials from the Obama administration to claim that Russia is “shattered” campaign in the United States, and the fear that Moscow will continue to influence American policies and on the progress of key elections in Europe, writes The Wall Street Journal.

According to representatives of the White house and a number of experts in Europe, Russia will be more active than in the United States. Analyst at the Washington-based Foundation for defense of democracies (Foundation for Defense of Democracies) than with any other feed believes that a special geopolitical importance for Moscow will be the elections in France and Germany, which will be held in the spring and fall 2017, respectively.

Experts say that the Russian side has established contacts with local politicians and with the parties of eurosceptics, which strengthened its position on the wave swept Europe migration crisis.

The newspaper’s sources in the White house believe that Russia will fulfill its long-term goal is to weaken the opponents of Moscow in the West, even if we fail to achieve victory in the elections of their allies.

Washington believes that Russia supports the elections in the US, Donald trump, and regard it as interference in internal electoral processes. According to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, such approval is a way of political struggle and manipulation of public opinion. The Russian side stressed that Moscow will work with any President, who will choose the American people.