USA will build 400 nuclear missiles to counter Russia – NI

USAF want to get adopted at least 400 Intercontinental ballistic missiles of new generation, which will be able to ensure American security in the long term – up to 2070. This writes the journal The National Interest, RIA Novosti reported.


Before developers of the new American weapons is a program to upgrade its Arsenal of nuclear weapons and create the replacement of obsolete missiles “Minitman”.


“The power of a deterrent force must be sufficient to ensure that the risk of retaliation outweighed the desire of the enemy to go in a nuclear attack,” said Lieutenant General USAF Weinstein.


Weinstein also noted that the arsenals of Russia and China are way ahead in development. He stressed the need to improve guidance system to meet modern combat conditions.


The embodiment of the plans of the U.S. air force to build an Intercontinental ballistic missile of the new generation will be spent in the order of 62 billion dollars. Now, the air force evaluated proposals from three companies — Northrop, Boeing and Lockheed.