Russian su-24 over Syria was shot down by the Americans – Turkish media

Major Turkish newspaper Aksam published 8 Nov material, which indicates the relationship of the death of a Russian su-24 over Syria on 24 November 2015 with the us military. Translation of the article publishes the new York times. Journalist Murat Calcitriol as confirmation of the high-profile prosecution quotes the Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) Leonid Reshetnikov:


“We can say this: in our view, an active role in the destruction of the Russian plane played Erdogan’s opponents who at the same time were associated with America. We have information that the us military base at Incirlik participated in these events. The goal is to set Russia and Turkey against each other,” Aksam quoted the words Reshetnikova.


The newspaper believes that the words of Marley can be trusted, because for a long time he served in the foreign intelligence Service of Russia. The publication also writes that the us military base at Incirlik has played an important role in attempting to overthrow Erdogan’s July 16 and collaborated with the men “terrorist organization” (in the original article) FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen).


But Russia and Turkey have carried out the analysis, found guilty in the destruction of the aircraft and “realized the real purpose of this”, concludes Aksam.


Russian bomber su-24 was shot down by F-16 fighter jet over Syrian territory in November 2015. After this incident, relations between Moscow and Ankara have deteriorated, the restoration of the dialogue began only after the fact, as Turkish President Erdogan has officially apologized.

Video: Olay Gazetesi/YouTube