Russia will take part in the 85th General Assembly of Interpol in Bali


© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Tsyganov

More than 1.3 thousand representatives of 161 member countries of the international criminal police organization Interpol, including Russia, will participate in the opening in Bali on Monday, the 85 th General Assembly session of the Supreme body of the world’s largest international organization for the fight against crime, told RIA Novosti news Agency in the organizing Committee of the meeting.

“During the session we will examine three main questions: (counter) terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime”, — writes the newspaper Jakarta Globe.

It is expected that the four-day meeting will be opened by President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. From the “country of three thousand Islands” it will also act as head of the national police Karnavian Tito (Tito Karnavian) and the Minister of sea and fisheries of Pujiastuti Susi (Susi Pudjiastuti).

“Tito will share the experience of Indonesia in the fight against terrorism, as Susi will tell us about the country’s progress in confronting illegal fishing and its negative impact on the environment,” — said the Jakarta Globe.

The Russian delegation is headed by the chief of National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Prokopchuk.

Interpol provides mutual cooperation between all criminal police authorities of member countries, even in cases when some of these countries do not have diplomatic relations. Its highest governing body — General Assembly. In the period between its sessions the Supreme administrative authority with a more narrow authority is the Executive Committee headed by the President. The previous session of HECTARES of Interpol was held a year ago in Kigali (Rwanda).

A permanent working body — the Secretariat-General. In its structure there are four divisions: administrative, police, research, and technical assistance. In the structure of the police Department are sub-departments for combating illicit arms trafficking and international terrorism, the subdivision processing of information about the various facts of counterfeiting. Special branch deals with the collection and analysis of information on illegal distribution of drugs.

Experts of the Interpol register information on international crimes, fingerprints and photographs of criminals. Also card file maintained containing information about abducted in various countries, automobiles, works of art and other values; missing persons; unidentified bodies; file Cabinet rifles firearms all over the world.

Interpol is tracking people suspected of committing international crimes, including operational-search actions carried out outside the territory of the state where the crime was committed. Also, the organization is tracing stolen valuables.