Found profound differences between men and women

Found profound differences between men and women

Between men and women, there are differences that exist at all levels of the organization head of the division of the nervous system, from genetic to cellular.

This is according to Russian scientists from the Institute of experimental medicine and the Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov, who published an article in the Journal of Neuroscience Research.

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Experts have studied how mutations in a gene, which encodes a protein, Galanin, influence the susceptibility of men to multiple sclerosis (MS) compared with women.

Scientists relied on the earlier results, which showed that in samples of brain dead from PC there are higher concentrations of this protein. In the study, they compared the frequency of more active and less active gene variants (alleles) among healthy and sick people.

The study involved 111 patients (including 69 women) diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In the control group were 115 people (50 females) not suffering from autoimmune diseases. The average age of people in these groups were not statistically different.

Initially, the researchers did not find any difference between healthy and sick participants. However, among men who do not suffering from multiple sclerosis, the frequency of less active gene variants were two times less than in healthy women. However, this allele did men more susceptible to MS, but at the same time this slowed the progress of the disease.

According to scientists, they have demonstrated that gender determines the differences in the human nervous system. The results will help to develop a personalized strategy for the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis.