Cracked roads in the us city made toilet paper

Cracked roads in the us city made toilet paper

A new method of repair of roads surprised residents of the American city of Littleton, Colorado. Workers covered the cracks in the roadway, toilet paper, publication reports the Colorado Daily.

City officials explained that the cracks, as before, was patched with asphalt, and the toilet paper was laid on top using a paint roller. This allowed us to open the street to traffic, without waiting for the asphalt to completely cool and it will cease to stick the tires of cars and the shoes of pedestrians.

In Littleton using toilet paper repaired more than 120 streets. In the past this method has been successfully applied in other cities.

Tired of election stories? Try a little toilet paper humor: Littleton TP’s its own streets to fill its cracks:

— Larry Ryckman (@larryryckman) November 3, 2016