Were in good spirits on Sunday appeared in Rostov – Zapashny about the death of Oleg Popov

World famous clown Oleg Popov died at the age of 86 years. The Director of Big Moscow state circus and the representative of the famous dynasty of circus Edgard Zapashny told the website of the TV channel “Star” the details of the death of the artist.


“About half an hour ago I called the CEO of the company “Rosgostsirk” Dmitry Ivanov and announced the sad news. I immediately contacted the producer Oleg Konstantinovich, who is now in Rostov-on-don. Understanding the complexity of the situation, did not take the liberty to call his wife. Found out when it happened. This happened really recently,” said Zapashny.


According to him, Oleg Popov felt good and was active on tour and the last performance took place just this past Sunday, so the artist’s death came as a great surprise.


“No one suspected, because Oleg Andreyev (producer of the Popov – approx.ed.) was told that today he felt well, cheerful was, on Sunday, he still came out on the stage of the Rostov state circus. This is a very unexpected death is for all. He died at home not in the hospital” – shared Zapashny.

Photo: imago stock&people/Globallookpress