The Russian foreign Ministry called Rasmussen’s the psychology of the slave

Statements about the need for the United States as “world policeman” indicate slave psychology. Thus the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the statement by former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.


“Let me remind you, this man was the head of NATO. Where this slave mentality, you ask? Such pick up in the leadership of international organizations, under the control of Washington, and promote the political elite of Europe. How far these people are in small letters, dreaming of a world gendarmerie from democracy. I’m not sure they basically know about it,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook.


Previously Rasmussen has criticized the American President for being too lenient and inadequate intervention in international conflicts.


“I think President Obama is too reluctant to resort to military force and the threat of force, to prevent conflicts on the world stage. After a period of inactivity so we need the strengthening of interventionist policies on the part of America. The US needs us as world policeman. We need decisive American superiority on a global level,” said former NATO Secretary General.


According to Rasmussen, Washington should act as “world policeman” in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Eastern Ukraine.

Photo: Louie Palu/ZUMAPRESS/Globallookpress