The day of national unity prevented the “Russian March” in Volgograd

The city of Volgograd refused carrying out “Russian March” on 4 November near the fountain of the arts, told RIA Novosti the representative of the administration Larisa Karaulova.

“We have there is a citywide celebration of “unity Day”. They were asked to hold at the same time, but elsewhere — in Krasnooktyabrsky area near Tsaritsynskaya Opera,” she said.

One of the organizers of the March Michael Alaev said “Notepad Volgograd”, they agreed to change and shorten the route, but it was not followed. The nationalists were allowed to hold the event on Thursday, November 3. So how come only 11 people, the procession was cancelled.

November 1, the city authorities agreed to conduct “Russian March” without a concert in Lublin. Before that they denied the organizers, and the nationalists declared that will suit November 4 “walk without paraphernalia” around the Kremlin.

“Russian March” rallies, marches and concerts by the supporters of nationalist organizations, which were initiated in 2005 to the Day of national unity on 4 November, in major Russian cities.