The age of the oldest Russian pine

The age of the oldest Russian pine

Scientists have determined the exact age of the oldest Russian pine (studied) — a tree grows on the island of Olkhon on lake Baikal.

Pine in the area of sarayskiy Bay called shamanic. Last week it was examined by the experts of the Center of wood examinations. Examined the crown and root system, checked the barrel for the presence of dangerous hidden rot and selected stem cores — thin cylinders of wood, on which are visible the rings. With their help, scientists have found that ol pine 463 years, the “Vesti. Irkutsk”. In 2012 at the initiative of the scientific adviser of the program “the Tree of Baikal”, doctor of biological Sciences Lyubov Kasyanov centuries-old pine growing on the island, was listed on the national register of old growth trees (questionnaire 213), and soon the certification Commission awarded the status of monument of nature, RIA “Siberia”.

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However, despite the high status of the tree for all this time, no conservation measures local conservation agencies was not accepted. Over time, the threat to the tree from the spontaneously developing tourism only increased. Expedition participants of the program “the Tree of Baikal” in July of 2016 discovered a children’s camp on the territory of sarayskiy Bay, where it grows unique pine. The participants allowed anyone camp staged a cable car ride directly on the wood memorial. In addition, directly in the roots of old trees tourists bonfires nearby and cut down valuable trees for firewood. Worried about the situation of rare trees on the island, the participants of the program “the Tree of Baikal” organized an expedition of experts from Moscow to survey the tree, the monument and development of complex of measures on its conservation.

Note that this is not the oldest tree of Russia. As reported by “My planet”, one of the oldest trees in our country the number of Grunwald oak, growing in the Kaliningrad region. The tree is over 800 years old.

Among the two dozen oldest trees of Russia listed the oak in the Chuvash Republic age 480 years, 400-year-old oak the don and the 700-year-old plane tree in Dagestan.

In addition, in Yakutia, scientists have discovered a section of the Cajanderi larch (Larix cajanderi), among which more than a dozen trees have an age of from 750 to 885 years. However, the oldest trees in our country are yews growing on the black sea coast of Krasnodar territory and Crimea. One of the trees growing on the Crimean Peninsula, according to preliminary estimates, has lived for about 2000 years.

The oldest tree on the planet is recognized as the ancient bristlecone pine growing in California’s national forest, Inyo. The tree is about 5000 years.