New chemical attack committed militants in Syria’s Aleppo

In Eastern Aleppo, the militants launched a new chemical attack. In urban hospitals all day brought people with symptoms of poisoning. Presumably the terrorists used explosives with chlorine.


Just today the second largest city arrived specialists of the Russian research center of armies of chemical protection, which will investigate the use of fighters toxic substances.


We will remind, in the result of the previous attack killed several Syrian soldiers, injured dozens of civilians.


As noted in today’s briefing, head of the main operational Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy, the militants took advantage of the moratorium on flights of Russian air force and Syrian air and tried to break into Aleppo from the suburbs.


“At the same time the bandits entrenched in Eastern Aleppo, tried to organize a counter-attack in the center of a humanitarian corridor from Souk-El-Hai. All attacks of fighters were beaten off. As a result, the terrorists suffered significant losses including 21 tanks and 10 BMP, 6 MLRS, 14 mortar calculations, 80 cars mounted with heavy machine guns, and 12 car bombs driven by suicide bombers. A plan for a breakthrough of armed groups from Eastern Aleppo has completely failed,” he said.


Sergey rudskoy recalled that by the decision of Vladimir Putin tomorrow in Aleppo declared a ten-hour humanitarian pause. Militants asked to leave the city on two corridors.


At this time the government troops and equipment are withdrawn from these routes at a distance, allowing the militants to get away safely.



Photo: Basem Ayoubi ZUMAPRESS/globallookpress