Discovered a simple way to get rid of insomnia

Discovered a simple way to get rid of insomnia

A team of scientists from Lincoln University and the University of London found that listening to music has beneficial effects on sleep helps to relax and quickly to the calm stage slow wave sleep and REM REM sleep, providing an effective remedy.

Participants in the study, 651 people within two weeks for 45 minutes listening to music before going to sleep. Volunteers independently selected music composition.

The most popular were the works of Bach and Mozart as well as contemporary musicians — ed Sheeran, Brian Eno and Coldplay.

In total, the people listened to works of composers 545, belonging to 14 different genres, reports “Around the world”. Scientists believe that music helped them to escape from the internal and external stimuli, such as road hum and noise in the ears, and also provided a sense of security.

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The researchers note that the best tune for a dream is the one that people chose on their own. However, they intend to continue research and to identify General patterns in playable before bedtime melodies, which help to relax and promote good and restful sleep. Experts expect in the future to develop effective guidelines to choose the best “lulling” melody.

It is known that good sleep is essential for physical and psychological well-being. However, sleep disorders are a very common problem — about 30% of adults faced with chronic insomnia. This figure is much higher among the elderly, as well as those who are regularly subjected to stress. Insomnia can cause memory lapses, mood swings, anxiety disorders, as well as obesity and dementia.