“Evil is no excuse”: the reaction of Russian politicians on the terrorist attack in Barcelona

© AP Photo/Oriol Duran On Thursday, the van made impact on people in the streets of the Rambla in Central Barcelona. The attacker drove down the street more than 530 meters. The government of Catalonia confirmed the information about 13 dead and 80 injured. The incident is recognized as a terrorist attack. “We grieve together with you” Russia strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Barcelona, said Thursday the Russian foreign Ministry. “We strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Sure, this evil is no excuse” – it is told on the page of the guardian on Twitter. “To say words of sympathy to the Spanish people. We grieve together with you”, – the Ministry said.

Medvedev called a terrorist attack in Barcelona a monstrous crime

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev © Ekaterina Shtukina/TASS MOSCOW, August 17. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed his condolences to the families and victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona. In the entry on the page in Facebook the head of the government stressed that the fight against terrorism is possible only by common efforts. “My deepest condolences to the families of those killed in the terrorist attack in Barcelona and speedy recovery to the injured,” wrote the Prime Minister. “The terrorist attack in Barcelona, in the most public place of the city – a monstrous crime,” he said. “I am confident that we can defeat international terrorism, only the joint efforts of all world community” – said Medvedev.

Arrested two suspects of involvement in the terrorist attack in Barcelona

Continued: media reported on the arrival of the car on three of the Barcelona police Driss Kabir (Driss Oukabir), allegedly rented the van that was done hitting people in the heart of Barcelona, was detained. It is reported by La Vanguardia. Together with him were taken into custody another man. According to the publication, Kabir living in Ripoll (Girona), but he was a native of Marseilles. Information about the second detainee is not given. That the name was leased Akabira involved in the attack on the van, it became known earlier, on August 17. Police believe that the same person was driving the vehicle at the time of the attack, but this information is not confirmed. The attack on the Rambla in the centre of Barcelona was made 17 Aug. The minibus ran over a pedestrian, as a result, according to unconfirmed reports, killed 13 people. Officially confirmed one death.

Police dismantled one of the suspects in the terrorist attack in Barcelona

One of the suspects of involvement in the hitting people on the pedestrian street Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona shot. About it reports on Thursday, August 17, La Vanguardia. According to the publication, he tried to escape. It eliminated during a firefight in Sant-just-Desvern. As specified, was shot by a man who formerly hitting cordoned off the area of the attack police officers. Unknown white Ford Focus broke through a cordon in the area of Diagonal Avenue. His car stopped after three kilometres, where the shooting happened. The minibus ran over a pedestrian on the street La Ramblas in Central Barcelona, on the afternoon of 17 August. The driver managed to escape from the scene of the crime. The media claimed that he took refuge in a nearby Turkish café and took visitors hostage, but the police has denied this information. It is established that the vehicle was rented by

Named involved in the attack a resident of Catalonia, said the theft of the passport

A resident of Catalonia Driss Kabir in whose name was the leased used in a terrorist attack in Barcelona, the van appeared in the police and stated that he stole the documents. About this newspaper La Vanguardia. Kabir came to the police station of Ripoll and stated that at the time of the attack, he did not go beyond this settlement. According to the mayor of the city Jordi Monella, Kabir well known here. He is a citizen of France, but resides in Catalonia. Monell added that the police finds out, why the theft of documents Ukair not stated earlier, and also the version that the attack involved his younger brother Moussa Kabir who could steal a passport. Minibus day August 17, ran into pedestrians on the Las Ramblas in Barcelona. According to recent reports, killed 13 people, injured about 80. The driver managed to escape from the scene of

Putin called the priorities in the development of coal terminals

Photo: RIA Novosti With the development of coal terminals and selecting new sites for them need to pay attention to ecology and to consider the interests of local people, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. “And in the port of Murmansk and other Russian ports, where transshipment of coal by opencast methods, particularly acute problem of ecology, referring to the high concentration of coal dust in the air,” — said Putin at meeting on development of transport infrastructure of the North-West of Russia in the Kaliningrad region. The head of state reminded that on this issue during the “straight line” it was called the inhabitants of the Findings. “But, of course, of course, completely refuse from coal handling in this way is impossible. We understand the economy invested in it over decades. In fact, originally it was so. But today I would like to say that during the development of the

Half of Russians called the case of speaker “indicative action”

Half of Russians called the case of speaker “indicative action” Almost half of Russians (49%) said the case against ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev “indicative action”, the majority of respondents (57%) believe the defendant guilty. This is stated in the results of the poll are received in the RBC. According to the study, that the proceedings against the speaker — the real fight against corruption — agreed 35% of Russians. Everything about the process is well known to most of Russians (71%), while more knowledgeable people of retirement age (88%), residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (82%). Last year, the number of respondents who considered the case of speaker “indicative offer” or “settling of accounts”, amounted to 54%. More than half of Russians (57%) tend to assume that the speaker guilty of bribery, and among those who are familiar with the details case against ex-Minister, this view is shared

Died Creator of the KOI8-R encoding Andrey Chernov Ache

Died Creator of the KOI8-R encoding Andrey Chernov Ache MOSCOW, 17 Aug — RIA Novosti. Andrey Chernov Ache, who created the first Russian standardized coding, has died. About this Facebook said the media Manager Demyan Kudryavtsev. Died Andrey Chernov Ache. The author of the encoding KOI8-R. — Demian Kudryavtsev (@kudriavtsev) 16 Aug 2017 During the download an error has occurred. According to the Facebook user Eugene Budanov, in recent years, Chernov was seriously ill and almost never left the house. What exactly was he sick, was not specified. According to Budanov, Chernova was found dead at home, cause of death not yet reported. Chernov has developed a KOI8-R for Cyrillic in the early 90s. He also participated in the launch of the first Internet channel between Russia and the West.

The Russians have formulated a foreign policy goal

The Russians have formulated a foreign policy goal Moscow. August 17. INTERFAX.RU — a Priority of foreign policy of the Russian leadership, according to the Russians, must be to ensure a peaceful and safe existence of the country (59%) and restoring Russia’s prestige on the world stage (49%), reported “Interfax” in the “Levada-Center”. Another 41% of the respondents included in this list is protection of domestic producers, showed the survey, conducted June 23-26 among 1,600 people in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation. Among other foreign policy priorities, the Russians have called the maintenance of friendly relations with the most developed countries (27%), solving conflicts in hot spots, combating the threat of terrorism together with other countries (21%), opposition to the expansion West, the growth of influence of the United States (19%) and expand Russia’s influence in the world (14%).

Two people were killed in an explosion in Dagestan

Two people were killed in an explosion in the Khasavyurt district of Dagestan. About it reports TASS. The incident occurred near the village Novagali. Worked unidentified explosive device. Two people were hospitalized. On the scene working law enforcement officers. They have to establish the cause of the explosion and the circumstances of the incident. At the end of April in the Dagestani village of Agvali grenade exploded. Then, on the spot killed 13-year-old eighth grader, another 13 people were injured, one of them later died in hospital. According to investigators, one of the visitors computer club accidentally pulled the safety pin grenades, thereby bringing into effect the fuse. After that, he threw her to the side, where the explosion occurred. Local resident Debiru Zavidovo was charged with causing death and grievous bodily harm by negligence.