Women and children were the most suitable for the role of suicide bombers of the Boko Haram

The majority of suicide bombers in a terrorist group “West African province of the Islamic state” (formerly called “Boko Haram”) are women and children. These findings are contained in the study conducted by experts from Yale University and the Center for combating terrorism at West point (U.S. Military Academy). Briefly on Thursday, August 10, CNN reports. The experts found that since 2011, the leadership group used the 434 bomber for the implementation of the 238 attacks. It was found that women were 244 out of 338 attackers, whose gender was impossible to determine. In addition, 81 the suicide bomber was identified as a child or teenager. It is noted that the increase in the number of women in the ranks of suicide bombers began to occur after 2014, when the militants kidnapped 276 students of the boarding school in the town of Chibok. “Boko Haram began using women as suicide

The Kurds said about the environment of the militants in the center of Raqqa

Militants “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) surrounded the center of the Syrian city of raqqa. About it reports Reuters. “We have already cleared them for about half of the old city and is now advancing on all fronts,” — said the 25-year Haval Dim, the commander of one of the Kurdish militia involved in the fighting in Raqqa. “Two days ago there was a narrow corridor, now he is cut, we come to the districts of Mansour and Rashid”, he added. Evaluation Kurdish commanders in raqqa is surrounded by 600 to 1,000 militants, mostly foreigners, and about 50 thousand civilians. The loss of Islamists, on average 10-15 people a day. A city cleanup will take three to four months. The main problem is many mines, placed by the militants and suicide bombings by cars stuffed with explosives. The big problem, according to the Kurds, are the snipers from

Beijing has accused the US of violating the sovereignty of China

Warship of the US Navy entering the waters of the Spratly Islands, “flagrantly violated the sovereignty and security” of China. This was reported on the official website of the foreign Ministry of China. 10 August, the destroyer USS McCain entered the area of the disputed Islands in the South China sea and performed a maneuver near one of the artificial Islands, then to meet him for identification was sent warships of the Chinese Navy. “China is disappointed with the incident and will make representation to the American side,” — said the Minister. “China’s determination to defend its territory and interests at sea as firm as the will to maintain peace and stability in the South China sea. Provocation by the US is forcing Beijing to take measures for further strengthening the defense capability of the country”, — added in Department. As previously explained in the Pentagon, the operation was carried

Putin signed the agreement on insurance of Russian citizens living in Abkhazia

Photo: RIA Novosti PITSUNDA, 8 Aug — RIA Novosti. The agreement on cooperation in the field of insurance of citizens of the Russian Federation, permanently residing on the territory of Abkhazia, in the system of mandatory medical insurance in Russia was signed following the talks the presidents of Russia and Abkhazia Vladimir Putin and Raul Khajimba. The document was signed in the presence of the leaders of the two States. Putin on Tuesday arrived in Abkhazia on the anniversary of the “five day war” in August 2008 and held talks with the head of the country.

Gorbachev urged Moscow and Washington to negotiate, “until later”

Photo: globallookpress.com The first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev urged the Russian and American leadership to find a compromise “until later.” Policies recall that the negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union after 40 years of the cold war was not easy. The first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev believes that Russian and American leadership need to compromise and negotiate before it’s too late. About this politician said in an interview with Turkish Agency Anadolu. Now the current leaders, I would advise not to panic, not to scare each other, and to meet and agree, it is too late, — said Gorbachev. He recalled that the negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union after more than 40 years the cold war was not easy. According to the politician, he had to withstand many violent, not diplomatic fights. We must always in the most difficult

Amorous workaholic. What killed the actor Andrei Krasko?

Amorous workaholic. What killed the actor Andrei Krasko? 10 Aug actor Andrei Krasko would have turned 60 years old. His career as an actor Andrei Krasko began in kindergarten. At one of the matinees he played Bunny, and his first stage partner was the father — known Petersburg actor Ivan Krasko. He played the role of Santa Claus. Despite this early acting debut, career choices Krasko was painfully slow. He wanted to be a doctor, then a pilot, then an astronaut, then a driver, then a fireman. That is the personality — impulsive, fickle, prone to extremes. These qualities are reflected in his relationships with women, alcohol. The profession, in the end. During the download an error has occurred. Love stabbing “I really loved all of the women lived!”, said in a recent interview with Andrey Krasko. And the women in his life were many. The actor had two official

The CPS has warned of the danger of manicure

The CPS has warned of the danger of manicure The CPS has drawn up recommendations for those who do manicure in beauty salons. Authorities please pay attention to the cleanliness of premises and storage conditions of the instruments, and to make complaints to the office in case of problems. Rospotrebnadzor has prepared recommendations for visitors of beauty salons and studios offering specialized services for manicure and pedicure, and published them on its website. “Services for manicure and pedicure, associated with damage to the integrity of the skin, represent epidemiological danger for the population”, — noted in the Department. Using non-sterile instruments can be transmitted hepatitis, HIV, fungal diseases and several infectious diseases. In order to prevent such a danger, beauty salons are required to carry out a special disinfection measures, and sterilize tools. “All manipulations that may cause damage to the skin should be effected using sterile tools and materials,”

MOE said about the deteriorating situation at the mine “ALROSA” in Yakutia

MOE said about the deteriorating situation at the mine “ALROSA” in Yakutia MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Hydrological conditions on podtoplentsam the Mir mine in Yakutia, where the sixth day we are searching for 8 employees, is complicated about it RIA Novosti reported the press service of the Siberian regional emergency center. “Survey of the mine workings showed that the water in the mine continues to arrive, the situation worsens. Ground water gradually fill the mine workings. The area to conduct search operations must be protected from water, — said the Agency interlocutor. The Deputy head of the EMERCOM of Russia Vladlen Feldman, from the first day of search and rescue is on mine, along with the rescuers and the miners held a five-hour shift under the earth and personally assessed the situation. “To understand what is the situation, you have your own eyes to see her — and

Suburban clinic refuses entry via the registry

In clinics the Moscow region from September 1, will be canceled the record to the doctor via the registry, it said on Thursday, August 10, “the Russian newspaper”. It is noted that the recording will be done via the state services portal Moscow region, sites of medical institutions or through established clinics infomats. As explained in the Ministry of health, later on, these forms of entry will be transferred to other regions. “Today Russia is implementing the project “Lean clinic”. The first experience showed that 4-5 months to divide the flow of healthy and sick patients to provide comfortable passage of prophylactic medical examination, to begin to assist without queues”, — added in Department. Experiment “Lean hospital” was launched by the Ministry of health in November 2016. It was attended by the medical institution of Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. The aim of the project is to improve the accessibility and

In the Krasnodar region because of the heat will shut off illuminated buildings and fountains

The authorities of Krasnodar region recommended that the municipalities at the time of the heat to turn off the illumination of buildings, monuments and fountains in the evening. This was reported on the website of the regional administration. Because of the established in the province of extreme heat increased the consumption of electricity by industry. Also, the load increased due to the use of the region’s population of air conditioners. August 8, was recorded historical maximum load of the Kuban energy system. “Energy of the region take all possible measures to prevent the occurrence of large-scale technological disturbances in power systems. Despite the fact that the load of the consumers of the region fell slightly, the region continues to be at risk of entering schedules of temporary limitations in the evening,” — said Deputy Minister of regional fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services Andrey Lyashko. In addition,