Fallen from the platform of the excavator crushed seven people in Turkey

In the Turkish province of ağrı in the East of the country, the excavator fell off of the platform for going near the van. It is reported Hurriyet Daily News. According to preliminary information, construction of the car was loose on carrying her truck and broke the mounts on one of the sharp turns.The excavator was crushed by a passing bus with people. The accident killed seven people, another 11 were injured, they were hospitalized. Four of the injured are in critical condition. At the scene working ambulance crews and rescuers. On 30 July it was reported that as a result of the accident tourist bus in Turkey injured 26 people. The driver of the car lost control on a mountain road, causing the bus overturned. The victims were hospitalized.

In Berlin, the man urinated on the memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers

41-year-old man desecrated the memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers in a Large Park Tiergarten is located in Berlin. On Monday, August 14, Die Welt reported. As noted, the incident occurred Monday at 12:30 Berlin time (13:30 GMT). The man urinated on the monument, and then spit on him. Police arrived on the scene detained the violator of public order, shouting slogans in support of Nazism. It is also indicated that during the detention he shouted anti-Russian slogans. After identification, the man was released, now he is forbidden to appear in the area of the memorial. In fact the incident the police brought criminal case. 41-year-old man faces a fine and a prison sentence of up to two years. On the eve of the Dresden unknown beat a drunken American who has demonstrated a Nazi salute in the city centre. In the blood of the victim was found “extremely high” alcohol

In France, the car drove into a pizzeria

In the French town of Sète SOR eight-year-old girl was killed after unidentified vehicle deliberately drove into the summer terrace of the pizzeria. On Monday, August 14, reports channel BFMTV. It is noted that five other people were injured. The BMW driver, who entered the pizzeria, was detained. Information about his personality and motives are not yet available. 14 July 2016 in nice after the fireworks in honor of Bastille Day Tunisian Mohamed Lawai Boolell, driving a truck, drove into the embankment. According to eyewitnesses, the driver deliberately steered the car to commit the assaults on pedestrians. 84 people have been killed. Police shot and killed was driving offender. 13 November 2015 in Paris there was a series of attacks. Suicide bombers staged several bombings, including at the stadium “Stade de France”, opened fire on the visitors several restaurants and took hostages in a concert hall “Bataclan”. Victims of coordinated

Trump: US will respond to the reduction of diplomatic missions in Russia by September 1

Photo: EPA The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed that the American side will respond to the reduction of diplomatic missions in Russia by September 1. He said this during a press conference, according to CNN. The journalist asked Trump if he’s talking sarcastically about the fact that the reduction of the diplomatic mission in Russia is a good step. The American President replied in the affirmative. He then asked Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, when the U.S. plans to respond to such a move by Russia. “By September 1, we will prepare a response,” said trump. Earlier, the White house said that trump sarcastically thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the expulsion of diplomats.

In the United States evaluated the possibility of closing the Consulate General of Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti Washington is considering all possible responses to a reduction in Moscow’s American Embassy in Russia, including the closure of the Russian Consulate. This statement was made by the national security Council the White house. “We take very seriously unjustified measures against our personnel and diplomatic property, we are considering our options to respond,” — said the Agency. Earlier, several media outlets reported that American authorities can demand from Moscow to close one of its consulates General in the United States. It is unclear which of the four consulates (in new York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston) are talking about. July 28, Moscow has reduced the number of employees of the us diplomatic mission in Russia up to 455 people. Just to 1 September 2017 the number of staff of the US diplomatic mission will be reduced by 755 people. In addition, from 1 August, the us diplomats denied

Medvedev supported the education in Russian schools in two shifts

Photo: RIA Novosti Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the schools in two shifts is not always a sedition, and noted that more important than the provision of schools, reports RIA “Novosti”. “It’s not always sedition, much more important that was comfortable and modern school with modern equipment. Here in my opinion, better in the second shift to study in a modern comfortable school than just to say: we are all in one shift to learn, and the school will be ungraded or poorly stocked with equipment,” — said Medvedev during dialogue with activists of the party “United Russia”. He also drew attention of regional leaders on the need to address not only the construction of new schools, but also to carry out reconstruction of old. In may, Medvedev called for the creation of great schools in the regions.

“Nonsense”: in the Russian Orthodox Church reacted to the reports about the end of the world in 5 days

“Nonsense”: in the Russian Orthodox Church reacted to the reports about the end of the world in 5 days MOSCOW, 14 Aug — RIA Novosti. In the Russian Orthodox Church urged to be attentive to the reports that August 19, the alleged end of the world, because such statements can “call the fire among those people who are extremely unreasonable”. Some media started to disseminate information about what blessed Matrona of Moscow, especially revered by Russian believers, supposedly predicted the end of the world 19 Aug 2017. “Believers need to be especially attentive to this nonsense, which, unfortunately, inherent in the human person. … Some people have a tendency to nightmares, vstorm and “fried” subjects,” — said RIA Novosti is a leading Internet-project “Questions to a priest” in a network “the Jelica mountain” hieromonk Macarius (Markish). Such statements, he said, can “cause a fire among the people, which is extremely

Russian tourists came to terms with the enterovirus

Russian tourists came to terms with the enterovirus They are not prepared to abandon the current trips to Turkey. The concern of the CPS about the more frequent cases of tourists in Turkey are Russians enterovirus infections are not convinced of Russian tourists: less than 0.1% of travelers who choose to spend a holiday in this country, annulled the previously purchased tours. However, the statement of officials triggered a significant slowdown of the dynamics of the current bookings. Reports of increased incidence of Coxsackie virus in Turkey has led to mass peremanivanie and cancellations of repurchased tours, said the respondents “Kommersant” the participants of the market. According to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), the total number of applications for the cancellation was not more than 1 thousand, a large network received an average of 100-200 hits. This corresponds to 0.17 percent of the total number of purchased

Inspectors of traffic police will not be Smoking and be rude

Inspectors of traffic police will not be Smoking and be rude Edited in the regulations of the Ministry of interior, there are new rights and responsibilities. When dealing with drivers, inspectors, traffic police will not smoke and also to prevent “discriminatory remarks based on gender, age, race, nationality” and “offensive remarks”. The relevant provisions of the state traffic Inspectorate is planning to amend the regulations on the supervision of traffic. Experts believe that the provisions of the document will allow drivers to better protect their rights. On the portal regulation.gov.ru published a new edition of the regulations of the Ministry of interior for supervision of participants of traffic (developed by traffic). Now, recall, there is the old regulations, approved by MIA order No. 185 of 2009. In the spring of 2017 published a draft new instrument (“Kommersant” reported on March 1), after public discussion, it was finalized and sent to

Pskov Governor learned “the famous green folder” on the Desk of Putin

Andrey Turchak Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak to study the complaints of the inhabitants of the region, arrived on a direct line with the head of state. This was reported on the Kremlin website Monday, August 14. “I want to go back to the problems of the region that was outlined by the citizens in a straight line. You have seen that my colleagues and I just discussed these issues”, — Putin said. “The famous green folder,” — said in response, the head of the region. The President was surprised with this: “She already became famous? Good.” The head of state, in particular, drew attention to issues relating to commuter rail services and emergency housing. In addition, Putin highlighted the problem with real estate in the region. He brought one of the appeals: “a Man writes that he bought the land and