The foreign Ministry denied reports on the appointment of Volcker at the request of the Moscow

Sergei Ryabkov Russia has not asked the United States to appoint a special representative for Ukraine. On Monday, August 7, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with Sputnik, RIA Novosti reported. “I don’t want to comment on the statements of certain officials, but I assure you that the Russian side never such a request to the US are not addressed,” the diplomat stressed, commenting on the words of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson that the special envoy for Ukraine with Kurt Volker was appointed at the request of Moscow. Ryabkov said that the Russian side declared its readiness to dialogue with our American colleagues. “We didn’t ask about any appointment of an American special envoy. We just talked about the fact that, in the absence of such a person is rather strange to say that we need a dialogue”, — he added. Moscow and Washington in

In Afghanistan, killed one of the Taliban leaders

One of the leaders of the movement “Taliban” Maulvi Ahmad Shah died in battle in Afghanistan. About it reports “Xinhua” with reference to the statement by the head of police of the province of Jawzjan. “Acting on the basis of the extracted intelligence, the security forces early morning of August 7 stormed a hideout of Taliban in the district of Faizabad, told Rahmatullah of Turkistani. — As a result was killed Maulvi Ahmad Shah and four of his fighters.” Ahmad Shah was a member of the Supreme Council of Taliban “Quetta Shura”, named after the Pakistani city of Quetta. “Ahmad Shah was an important figure, and his defeat will be a serious blow to the militants in Jawzjan and the neighboring provinces,” — said Turkistani. In Jawzjan province, located in the North of Afghanistan, now the heavy fighting between the Taliban and government forces. After the initial successes of the

In Australia the fate of same-sex marriage will decide through a referendum by mail

The Australian government has announced its intention to hold a referendum by mail on whether to legalize same-sex marriage. About it reports Reuters. Australian authorities have repeatedly tried to legalize same-sex marriage, but consistently opposed by the opposition. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to hold a referendum on the issue in the case, if his party wins the national elections. In the end, though the center-right liberal-national coalition managed to win with a small margin a proposal for a referendum was blocked by the Senate where the majority has kept the opposition labour party. In conditions when in the ruling coalition, a number of senior politicians oppose gay marriage, Turnbull and his supporters decided to resort to unusual means — referedum in the mail. It is not mandatory, but, as the government hopes, will give him the moral right to hold a bill to legalize gay unions. It is

Kislyak on current relations between Russia and the United States: this is not

Photo: RIA Novosti Ex-Russian Ambassador to US Sergey Kislyak stated that he does not consider the current relations between Russia and the United States the same complex which had developed in the Soviet Union and the United States during the cold war. He said this on air of transfer “Press conference” on TV channel “Russia 24”. “No, no, that’s not “cold war”, – said the diplomat. Answering the question about when relations between the two countries will be similar to this period, he responded with a joke. “I’m not sure I have a slide rule, which I will measure the distance to it,” – said Kislyak. The ex-Ambassador added that Russia and the United States there is no ideological confrontation, as in the days of the cold war.

Vasiliev: transfer Isaac conditioned with the relations of Church and state

Photo: MOSCOW, Aug 5 — RIA Novosti. Transfer Saint Isaac’s Cathedral under the jurisdiction of the ROC is dictated by the modern relations of Church and state, said Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva on youth educational forum “Tavrida”. During the meeting of the Minister with members of the forum raised the issue of the transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. In particular, the Minister enquired about her personal attitude towards it. “This is an example that is not unique. This is a example that dictates modern life. I believe that this is another confirmation of what we have today, the relationship (with the Church). I’ve written a lot about Church-state relations”, — said Vasilyev. “The monument is, was and will be. This is the greatest Cathedral, which is actually included in the religious life of the country. This issue is resolved. He decided. This was

Kislyak spoke about the American shame

“Toxic atmosphere” created around Russia and attempts to portray the Russian Ambassador spy is a shame that the evidence of unhealthy trends in American society. This was stated by former Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak on air of TV channel “Russia 24”. “I believe that all the talk about the fact that I, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation – spy, shameful for a country like America. What has now become normal to talk about how bugged the Russian Ambassador, as his phone stuck listening programs – this is becoming the new “normal” for America. It is an unhealthy society,” — said Kislyak. According to him, some American policy “mired in litigation around false information”, they lose their time on things that are second-rate Americans, who live a normal life. However, he noted that even the leadership of the FBI had to make a statement that Kislyak is

Video: Japan has created an unusual robot

Video: Japan has created an unusual robot Japanese agricultural cooperative Ja Kisarazu-shi presented an unusual robot in the form of a wolf tasked with scaring the wild animals. According to the Japan News, the device is sheathed in dense fur, and he had artificial teeth. The size of the robot is similar with the adult wolf: 0.5 meter in height and 0.65 m in length. The apparatus is inserted LED eyes red, and system of imitation of sounds, including the howling, the human voice, shots and 15 different options. According to the plan creators, the signals shall begin to operate when embedded in the “wolf” nearby sensors detect any movement. It is noted that the first instance of the robot has already passed successful test in July 2017. The market value of this “wolf” will amount to 200 thousand yen, which is approximately equal to 108 thousand rubles. During the

Stuck in “croissant” hedgehog touched by users of the network short legs

Stuck in “croissant” hedgehog touched by users of the network short legs The movie stuck with a “cushion crepe” hedgehog, is gaining popularity in social networks. The video animal, located in the center of the “pillow”, trying to climb out. Despite the fact that someone is trying to help the hedgehog, he remains in a “trap”. Attempts urchin touched by users of the Network. The video was published in Instagram account Radotink_hedgehog. The video animal, located in the center of the “pillow”, trying to climb out. Despite the fact that someone is trying to help the hedgehog, he remains in a “trap”. During the download an error has occurred. Some users touched by the animal attempts to get out of the croissant. “It’s damn cute, just look at his little paws,” said they. Others thought that the movie is a mockery of the animals, and the author was suspected of

Called the biggest danger to humans

Called the biggest danger to humans Loneliness and social isolation are a major threat to a person than obesity. To such conclusion psychologists from Brigham young University (USA). In their opinion, the impact of these factors on the population is growing every year and can represent a national problem. About this, scientists reported at the 125th annual Convention of the American psychological Association. Press release published on the website EurekAlert!. According to experts, relationships with other people is a fundamental human need, which is important for psychological well-being and survival. According to a study in the Loneliness Study conducted by the nonprofit organization AARP, 42.6 million American adults over the age of 45 suffers from chronic loneliness. According to a census in 2014, more than a quarter of the population lives alone, and over half of the citizens are not married. The researchers conducted two meta-analyses, each of which combined

Moscow schoolgirl has died from electric shock on the Baikal camp

At the camp site at lake Baikal in the Buryat village of Maksimikha from electric shock died, 10-year-old Muscovite. This was reported on the website of the Republican investigative Department of the investigative Committee. The incident occurred on Sunday, 6 August. In this day of vacationing on the lake under permits a resident of the capital with their two children and friends from Ulan-Ude went to the bath. Coming out of the steam room, children and adults were held on the pier and plunged into the lake. “When the street started to get dark, one of the workers of the camp site included lighting along the pier, — stated in the message Department. — Just at this moment from the water on a pier out children to return to the bath. Girl, who at the moment when the switch was turning the metal handrail of the pier, received a strong