Vasiliev: transfer Isaac conditioned with the relations of Church and state


MOSCOW, Aug 5 — RIA Novosti. Transfer Saint Isaac’s Cathedral under the jurisdiction of the ROC is dictated by the modern relations of Church and state, said Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva on youth educational forum “Tavrida”.

During the meeting of the Minister with members of the forum raised the issue of the transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. In particular, the Minister enquired about her personal attitude towards it.

“This is an example that is not unique. This is a example that dictates modern life. I believe that this is another confirmation of what we have today, the relationship (with the Church). I’ve written a lot about Church-state relations”, — said Vasilyev.

“The monument is, was and will be. This is the greatest Cathedral, which is actually included in the religious life of the country. This issue is resolved. He decided. This was a really heated debate. It turns out the possibility of dual use,” the Minister said.

Earlier Vasilyeva repeatedly emphasizes that he is a historian by training, and pursuing research activities, she studied the history of the Church in the twentieth century.

She also noted that the Ministry of education did not participate in the discussion of the question of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church.

The situation around St. Isaac’s Cathedral caused a public outcry when the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to transfer the Cathedral for 49 years, the Russian Orthodox Church in the free use with preserving the Museum and educational functions. Later they said that the Cathedral is transmitted without a change of legal status — its owner is the city. The public is concerned about the fate of Isaac, despite the statement of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Museum functions will be expanded, and the entrance to the Cathedral will be free.