Tree killed 11 people during a religious festival in Madeira

Madeira 11 people died after they fell a tree, another 35, including a small child, injured. On Tuesday, August 15, reports the Daily Mail. It is noted that several people were taken to local hospitals with head injuries and fractures. The incident occurred in Monte, a suburb of Funchal (the capital of the Autonomous region of Madeira) during the festival of the Madonna (Festa da Senhora do Monte). Traditional procession in honor of the patron Saint of the island, which is part of the festival, is cancelled. The feast of our lady of Monte is held annually on August 15. It is one of the biggest and famous religious festivals in Madeira to participate the island attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Traditionally on this day in churches on the hills of Monte performed the mass, and then down the street is a colorful procession. The feast is

The state Department commented on the reports about the supply of engines in the DPRK from Ukraine

The United States takes seriously reports of deliveries of rocket engines from Ukraine to North Korea. This statement, as RIA Novosti reports, made at a press briefing, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert. “Of course, we know about this message. This is a question that we take very seriously, if such a case was,” she said. “In the past, as I know, Ukraine has prevented the delivery of important materials to countries that cause us serious concern,” said Neuert. “We do not comment on intelligence reports. In Ukraine, I must say, a very solid history of efforts in the field of non-proliferation, including in respect of the DPRK,” — said the representative of the state Department. August 14, the New York Times, citing sources in the American intelligence community and experts of the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS) reported that the DPRK tested the latest ballistic missiles, the engines, the

In the United States has considered the DPRK is capable of producing rocket engines independently

North Korea has the ability to produce rocket engines, and, judging by intelligence, to Pyongyang, there is no need to rely on imported engines. About it to Agency Reuters, a us official said. “We have evidence to suggest that North Korea depends on the import of engines,” he said. The spokesman added that, as suggested in Washington, North Korea has the ability to produce engines of their own. August 14, the New York Times, citing sources in the U.S. intelligence community and experts of the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS) reported on a tried in North Korea’s latest ballistic missiles, the engines, the technology of which could be obtained with the Ukrainian “Yuzhmash.” General designer of KB Alexander Degtyarev stated that none of the employees of the enterprise aid to North Korea to provide could not. He categorically rejected the version about the possibility of a direct supply of

Klintsevich denied the involvement of Russia to the service of Iranian weapons

Photo: RIA Novosti The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich denied reports by Western media that Iran sent to Russia components of heavy offensive weapons for maintenance. According to the Senator, Iranian experts are capable to carry out the necessary work on maintenance of military equipment. “Russia supplied to Iran a large number of military equipment, which, of course, needs maintenance, maintenance routine. Simultaneously, Russia has been prepared by Iranian experts, who can guarantee them to perform. This training was provided by the contracts for the supply of equipment,” — said the Klintsevich RIA Novosti. The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, citing sources in Western intelligence agencies, reported that the Iranian aircraft was reportedly taken to the Russian air base in Syria Hamim components of heavy weapons, which are then transported to Russia by the water on the trawler “Sparta III”. The

The Federation Council urged the United States to learn how to peacefully solve their own problems

Photo: RIA Novosti Reading notation around the world, the United States cannot peacefully deal with the problems and conflicts inside the country, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas. “Before you read to the world about how to improve life in one or another part of the planet, the US would be good to learn a peaceful way to resolve problems and conflicts in their own country”, — said Klishas. He noted that the American policy of “all-encompassing tolerance” has not solved the problems in society, and herded them inside. “Then these problems erupt in violence and unrest, which in the United States through the imposition of curfews and restriction of fundamental freedoms,” — said the MP. Yesterday in the city of Charlottesville in Central Virginia are clashes with far-right neo-Nazis. According to media reports, here brought together several thousand members of neo-Nazi

Posner called disastrous interview with “helpless” Shnurov

Posner called disastrous interview with “helpless” Shnurov TV presenter Vladimir Pozner admitted that he considers his interview with the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov failure. With this statement he made on air of radio station Baltkom. “(Cord) was no, I was just amazed by it. He had nothing to say, he didn’t answer questions, it was empty, uninteresting. I didn’t know what he is. I’m not saying that he is stupid. But he failed this interview!”, — told the broadcaster. Posner pointed out that he knows that the Cords counted the time to pass boring. But he could take me to the air — mate? No. He failed this interview. I learned nothing, nothing!Mr Mosenergoremont Posner also said that the Cords seemed helpless. “He breaks lit nervously, despite the fact that in the Studio you cannot smoke. I told him about it, but there was nothing he could do,”

Vdohnovitsya a biography of Stalin, a journalist Men’s Health zatrollit of pitoresc

Vdohnovitsya a biography of Stalin, a journalist Men’s Health zatrollit of pitoresc Journalist Men’s Health Edward lane (Edward Lane) from the UK got a pink sports top and has launched a parody Instagram account, which ridicules the supporters of Wellness — life style, which harmoniously combines nutrition, health, mental and physical activity. The comic profile of the British has gained a lot of supporters, and some girls signed to it, admit that they knew the photos themselves. Photos lane lightly brags how he manages to combine sport, love of yoga, travelling and reading to a normal life. However, instead of the smoothie he drinks alcohol, and on the everyday exploits inspired not motivating books, and biographies of Margaret Thatcher or Joseph Stalin. The Wellness publication from Ted (@wellness_ted) 3 May 2017 11:16 PDT During the download an error has occurred. The Wellness publication from Ted (@wellness_ted) APR 22 2017 at

Gentry likened “Spartak” with the woman

Gentry likened “Spartak” with the woman Former forward of Petersburg Zenit and national team of Russia on football Alexander Panov told why rooting for Spartak Moscow. It is reported by “Sport weekend”. “I “Zenit” not like in the sense that you don’t like his playing, is not impressive. I respect him, but “Spartacus” is like a beloved woman,” said the player. Go again, met, fell in love — that’s all. Don’t know why. Same for me, “Spartacus”: I came and lubelczyk Panov, the Former forward of Russian national team on football August 11, Panov joined the largest Association of fans of “Spartak” “Phratry”. A few days before that, the player dressed in the paraphernalia of the red-and-white, called for the away match of Muscovites against Zenit (1:5). Near the stadium “Saint-Petersburg” gentry was attacked by local fans. The striker played for “Zenit” from 1994 to 1995, from 1997 to 2000

Putin congratulated India on the 70th anniversary of independence

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory message to Indian counterpart Pranab Mukherjee and the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the country’s independence. On Tuesday, August 15, according to the Kremlin website. In his message the Russian head of state highly appreciated the achievements of India in the economic, social and other spheres. “Russian-Indian relations have always been built on the basis of principles of friendship and mutual respect. Wide experience of fruitful bilateral cooperation in all areas, coordination of efforts in solving important problems of regional and global agenda”, — Putin said. Moscow is ready to strengthen the “very privileged” strategic partnership with new Delhi, the telegram stresses. 1 Jun Narendra modi during a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) expressed the hope that higher growth of

Participants in situated near Moscow “Bibliobibuli” offers “Bibliogr”

On the banks of the Klyazma river in a forested area near the Queen on 17 August will be held “Bibliobibuli”, during which everyone will be able to fish parallel to and discuss books. This is the website of the Ministry of culture of the region. “Fishing, among other things, it is rare for a city dweller the opportunity to serenely contemplate the nature. And contemplating mind, as it is known, is much more susceptible to high poetry and deep wisdom, to the beauty of everyday life”, — stated in the message. In addition, the project will offer to take part in competitions, games and educational programs, and enjoy “Bibliogr”. The event was organized by the Youth cultural community of the Moscow regional state scientific library named after N. To. Krupskaya (Queens). Those wishing to join “Bibliobibuli” we need to report this on the community page in “Vkontakte” or to