Due to the collision of trains in Egypt has killed 28 people

In Egypt near the city Alexandria two trains collided. According to preliminary data, reported by Ahram Online, killed 28 people, injured 74. One of the trains was from Cairo, the other from the city of Port said. Doctors have already left the scene. The Egyptian public Prosecutor ordered to immediately conduct an investigation into the accident. April 15, two trains collide in Vienna — then injured seven people.

The White house explained gratitude trump against Russia

Gratitude of the President of the United States Donald trump for the reduction of the U.S. diplomatic corps in Russia was filled with sarcasm. About this in his Twitter wrote a reporter for CBS, Margaret Brennan, referring to the representative of the White house. “A White house spokesman said that President trump thanked Vladimir Putin for the expulsion from Russia of the staff of the American Embassy with sarcasm,” wrote Brennan. On Wednesday, trump has commented on Moscow’s decision to reduce the number of employees of American diplomatic missions in Russia, noting that it will help to save on salaries. “I want to thank Vladimir Putin because we are trying to reduce the wage costs and I am very grateful that he released a large number of people,” said trump, adding that “they have no real reason to return to Russia”. On 30 July, Putin said that the staff of

Saakashvili: Russia is going to Annex Belarus

Photo: RIA Novosti The former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili has expressed the opinion that Russia is going to invade Belarus. Supposedly the operation will begin during the joint military exercises “Zapad”. About Saakashvili said in interview to Agency BNS. As says the former politician, the threat has not disappeared, it only increases. Just now Ukrainians hold its borders. Joint Russian-Belarusian exercises “West” will be held 14-20 September on the territory of Belarus. Maneuvers have caused concern in the West, RIA Novosti reported. James Melville, American bands in Estonia, said that the United States will place a company of soldiers in each of the Baltic States on the eve of doctrines “the West-2017”. In Minsk, the reaction of Western countries to the forthcoming exercises called the aggravation of the situation and part of the geopolitical game. The Ministry of defence of Lithuania has prepared a report on threats

Poll: majority of Americans believe the necessary investigation of relationships trump with Russia

Photo: © AP Photo / Alex Brandon NEW YORK, August 10. /TASS/. Most Americans are in favour of full and comprehensive investigation into the alleged ties between the President of the United States Donald trump and representatives of Russia. This is evidenced by published on Thursday the results of a survey conducted by SSRS on the order of CNN. According to the published data, about 60% of respondents believe an investigation is necessary and believe that it should be carried out comprehensively. While 38% of respondents believe that a trial in Russia is an attempt to discredit trump. Meanwhile, 59% of respondents disapprove of the way to the specified investigation is the trump repeatedly called him a “witch hunt”. In turn, 31% of respondents approve of this approach. According to CNN, around 70% of respondents also believe that the proceedings in Russia must necessarily include the study of financial transactions

Ukraine lost more than 1.5% of GDP due to transport blockade of Donbass

Photo: © AFP 2017 / Aleksey Filippov Transport blockade of Donbass has led to the fact that Ukraine lost more than 1.5% of GDP, said Deputy Minister of Ukraine on Affairs beyond the control of Kiev territories Yury Grymchak. According to him, in the first quarter of 2017 showed GDP growth “2.3%”, although the authorities had expected growth to 4%, reports the Ukrainian channel five. In August there were reports that started a blockade in Kiev, DNR have any surplus coal, and the miners increased unemployment. In March, when Kiev finally legitimized the blockade, initiated by radicals, the authorities DND and LNR entered external management at all enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction, working on the territory of the republics.

Became known the winner of the contest for the best song about the Crimean bridge

Became known the winner of the contest for the best song about the Crimean bridge Declared the winner of the best songs and poems about the construction of Crimean bridge. This was reported on the website of the centre. “First place was taken by the song Leonid Chernyshev from the city of Ivanovo. Leonid works as a driver at the veterans hospital and has two children — Mary, who was 11 years old, and Vladimir, he’s 14. 30 years ago, work brought him to the Crimea and the experience of the Peninsula has inspired the song of the bridge”, — stated in the message. The winning entry scored 675 votes. Song-the winner will be presented performed by stars of the Russian stage of the international competition “New wave”.During the download an error has occurred. Also were announced the winners in the nomination “poetry”. All the winners in two nominations —

Sharon stone released its samples to the erotic Thriller “Basic instinct”

Sharon stone released its samples to the erotic Thriller “Basic instinct” Hollywood actress Sharon stone has published a recording of their samples to the erotic Thriller Basic instinct. The actress posted a video in Instagram. The role in this picture has become a key stone in his career. It was claimed such Actresses as Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan and Emma Thompson, but Director Paul Verhoeven found them to be not sexy enough. Partner stone movie Michael Douglas after shooting was forced to undergo treatment for sexual obsession. Publication from Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) Aug 9 2017 4:12 PDT During the download an error has occurred. Sharon stone also played in the films “tears in the rain”, “Blood and sand”, “total Recall”, “Dead and fast”, “Sliver” and others. In 2006 she starred in the film “Basic instinct 2”, created by Director Michael Caton-Jones and had great success.

Sparrows inspected the construction of St. Nicholas Church in Krasnogorsk

Andrei Vorobyov The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov together with the Metropolitan of Krutitsa and Kolomna Juvenal visited the construction site of St. Nicholas Church in the neighborhood Pavshinsky floodplain in Krasnogorsk. On Friday, August 11, according to “the suburbs today” with reference to the government of the region. The religious building is a two-level Cathedral with a total capacity of up to 1.5 thousand people. “The idea was in this huge neighborhood, home to 50 thousand people, to make such a temple, which would become the attraction of the suburbs. We hope that next year will be to complete the construction,” — said Vorobyov. Metropolitan Juvenal said that in the period of big holidays worship services will take place on two floors at the same time. To hold services in the renovated temple will be graduates of the Kolomna theological Seminary. “We have a beautiful, one of the

Almost three million residents receive flu shots

The campaign was launched in the Moscow region on Friday, August 11. In total it is planned to make vaccination against influenza by almost three million people. This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Olga Zabralova, reports RIAMA. “In 2017 in the suburbs it is planned to impart against a flu of 2.9 million people, including order 873 thousand children,” she said. According to officials, earlier in the medical institutions of the region were delivered the first batch of influenza vaccines for adults — a total of 972 thousand doses. Until the end of August will receive vaccines for children. In 2016 in the Moscow region against the flu were vaccinated more than 2.6 million people. Vaccination recommended to risk groups: the elderly, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women and children, as well as employees in the education, maintenance and transport. In early February, the Federation