The Ministry of culture responded to a request from Kadyrov to prohibit the showing of “Matilda” in Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov The Ministry of culture of Russia will take into account the wish of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov about the exclusion of the Republic from distribution certificates of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. About it reports “Interfax”. “The letter was received, noted, it is the right of Chechnya. Will consider their request,” — said the Agency in a press-service of the Ministry. Letter Kadyrov in the name of Vladimir Medinsky published on Tuesday. In it the head of Chechnya noted that “tens of thousands of people of different faiths are asked not to allow public film distribution in Russia due to the fact that he regarded it as a deliberate mockery of the religious feelings of the people, insult their religious feelings and humiliation of human dignity, and the desecration of shrines and centuries-old history of the peoples of Russia”. The movie “Matilda” on the relationship

The German foreign Ministry considered the US sanctions undermine the cohesion of the Western countries

Sigmar Gabriel Extension of U.S. sanctions against Russia have a negative impact on relations between countries of Europe with Washington. On Tuesday, August 8, said the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel in an interview with the newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten. “For us, the so-called West, it is very important to stick together. The law on sanctions (against Russia — approx. “Of the”), which was passed by the U.S. Congress, rather harm it,” — said the Minister. He also urged US President Donald trump to consult with the European Union, “before to put into practice these sanctions are in life.” Earlier, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said that in Berlin and in Paris, the extension of anti-Russian sanctions Washington “regarded as a violation of international law.” According to him, this may lead to a revision of the situation with the European restrictions. 2 Aug trump has signed

Congresswoman waters by mistake, promised to push for the impeachment of Putin

Member of the house of representatives Maxine waters promised to impeach the Russian President Vladimir Putin, confusing it with the Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, writes The Washington Free Beacon. Host of “the View” joy behar on ABC News asked waters if I can handle Mike Pence with presidential duties better than the current head of state Donald trump. “Once we deal with trump, we will need to take on Putin. He’s next,” — said the Congressman. “Putin or Pens? “— asked the host. “Oh, Penny,” he corrected himself, waters. “We will deal immediately with two: trump and Putin, and then we’ll get a Penny,” said behar to smooth the awkwardness. Waters is known for his controversial statements about Russia and about Putin and trump. So, she said that the American leader is ready to “rush into the arms of Russian President, while he continues to attack Korea”.

Putin congratulated the railway workers on holiday

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated workers and veterans of railway transport on their professional holiday, railway workers ‘ Day. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin. “For the domestic railway system this year — anniversary. Exactly 180 years ago, Russia launched the first line of the Railways. Since that time, the industry has achieved truly outstanding success, played an important role in the economic development of the country, establishing strong ties between the regions. Thanks to the responsible, the hard work of many generations of engineers, professionals, workers were built tens of thousand kilometers of tracks, built railway stations, railway stations and other transport infrastructure. Laid a strong technological and personnel potential” , — said in greeting. “I am glad that you are continuing the wonderful traditions of their predecessors. Pay relentless attention to the qualitative modernization of communications and the rolling

Lavrov will meet with Chinese foreign Minister on 6 August

Photo: RIA Novosti The foreign Ministers of Russia and China Sergei Lavrov and Wang will meet on the sidelines of the ASEAN 6 August, RIA “Novosti” citing a source in the Russian delegation. “The meeting is scheduled for Sunday,” he said. According to preliminary data, the parties will discuss topical issues of bilateral and international agenda. Earlier it was reported that Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson during a telephone conversation discussed the state of relations between the two countries.

Cod DNA has helped scientists uncover one of the secrets of the success of the Vikings

Cod DNA has helped scientists uncover one of the secrets of the success of the Vikings MOSCOW, 8 Aug — RIA Novosti. Analysis of DNA extracted from medieval cod bones, have helped scientists figure out that the Vikings traded fish in fact, throughout Europe over a thousand years ago, according to a paper published in the journal PNAS. “The fish trade was one of those things that began to tie together the different parts of Europe in the middle ages. Hedeby was one of the most important trading centres in the early middle ages. It was a place where the North met the South, the Christian with the pagan, and civilized peoples with barbarians, not accept money,” says James Barrett (James Barrett) from the University of Cambridge (UK). In recent years, scientists have learned much about life in Europe and other parts of the world in the prehistoric era, when

Cargo crane in Denmark turned into a luxury hotel with Spa area

Cargo crane in Denmark turned into a luxury hotel with Spa area Cargo crane in Copenhagen was converted into a luxurious hotel. On the property called the Krane drew the attention of the New York Post and Mirror. The cabin of the tower crane, located at an altitude of 15 meters in a local port can accommodate up to two people at a time. In addition to the bedrooms, there is a Spa area with a Jacuzzi. The rate is 2.9 thousands of dollars per night. Publication of Dreamdesign Architects (@dreamdesignofficial) 4 Aug 2017 8:32 PDT During the download an error has occurred. In addition, the mini-hotel are equipped with glass wall and terrace, where guests can enjoy views of the capital of Denmark. The hotel also provides Concierge services and Shuttle service from the airport. Publication of ArchiDetail (@archidetail) Aug 2 2017 5:19 PDT During the download an error

American began the persecution of Zuckerberg because of his “presidential ambitions”

American began the persecution of Zuckerberg because of his “presidential ambitions” American actionist, known under the name Sabo (Sabo), hung out in Pasadena (California, USA) posters with the words “To hell with Tsuka — 2020”. About August 7, according to Mashable. Thus he reacted to the rumors that the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg may nominate his candidacy in the presidential election in 2020. In addition, Szabo has organized an online sale of stickers with the slogan. The artist explained that he came to this idea during his stay in “Facebook prison” — his account has been frozen for a month. He believes that the campaign “will cost him his account,” the social network, but I’m sure that must be against the alleged impending initiatives. “(Zuckerberg — approx. “Of the”) will transfer their Trustees from the leadership of the social network in the White house and will oppress all

“Alley 3D dolls” exhibit in Moscow

International festival of folk art and decorative art “Russian doll” will be held in Sergiyev Posad on August 10. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Tuesday, 8 August. “Central Federal district is the largest Federal districts by number of subjects and population, which suggests a maximum concentration of Russian national cultural heritage” — said the Minister of culture of the Moscow region, Oksana Kosareva. The event at the “Alley 3D dolls” will present the largest and the smallest in Russia wooden toy. At “Matrenin a village” to build six mini-farms, where the skill will show blacksmiths, potters and turners. Only “Art fair” will take part more than 50 artists. It is noted that the suburban artisans will give master classes on making dolls from wood chips and pegs, weaving traditional Vologda lace, thread and painting on wood. August 3, Kosareva said that the region is

Putin arrived in Abkhazia on the anniversary of the events of 2008

Polypropolene Vladimir Putin ensured Abkhazia’s security and independence President Vladimir Putin arrived in Abkhazia on a working visit on the anniversary of Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia, after which Russia recognized the independence of both republics. About it reports “Interfax” on Tuesday, August 8. According to the Agency, the Russian leader will hold in Pitsunda talks with Abkhaz President Raul Khajimba. Their presence will be signed a number of bilateral documents. Earlier Tuesday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Moscow carried out an operation to force Georgia to peace in accordance with the law. He stressed that the authorities were obliged to protect its citizens, including peacekeepers, stationed in the region. Materials on теме20:46 — 18 March 2015One of the nation day of the annexation of Crimea, Russia and South Ossetia signed a historic agreement Former speaker of the Georgian Parliament Nino Burjanadze on 8 August said that the