Congresswoman waters by mistake, promised to push for the impeachment of Putin

Member of the house of representatives Maxine waters promised to impeach the Russian President Vladimir Putin, confusing it with the Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, writes The Washington Free Beacon.

Host of “the View” joy behar on ABC News asked waters if I can handle Mike Pence with presidential duties better than the current head of state Donald trump.

“Once we deal with trump, we will need to take on Putin. He’s next,” — said the Congressman.

“Putin or Pens? “— asked the host.

“Oh, Penny,” he corrected himself, waters.

“We will deal immediately with two: trump and Putin, and then we’ll get a Penny,” said behar to smooth the awkwardness.

Waters is known for his controversial statements about Russia and about Putin and trump. So, she said that the American leader is ready to “rush into the arms of Russian President, while he continues to attack Korea”. After that, the culprit of the Lexus and Vova played politics on the phone. On behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman they said waters about the “interference” of Moscow in the internal Affairs “of the country, Limpopo”. The Congressman took the hoax seriously and promised to investigate the situation.

After US air strike on a military base shirt the Congressman said that trump and Putin — “thick as thieves” and the growing tensions between Moscow and Washington over Syria is only the “performance”. According to waters, the ultimate goal should be the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.