The Russian foreign Ministry expressed protest to the Ambassador of Moldova in connection with the situation around Rogozin

The building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation © Artyom Korotayev/TASS MOSCOW, August 2. /TASS/. The Ambassador of Moldova in Russia Andrey negutsa was summoned Wednesday to the Russian foreign Ministry, where he was protesting at the decision of the Moldovan government to declare Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata. This was stated in the Russian dipvedomstva. “August 2, the Russian foreign Ministry invited the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova Andrei Neguta, – have informed in the Ministry. – State Secretary, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin expressed strong protest in connection with the decision of the Moldovan government to declare persona non grata Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin”.

Medvedev: the toughening of US sanctions announced on Russia’s full-fledged trade war

© Alexander Astafyev/press service of the Russian government/TASS MOSCOW, August 2. /TASS/. The US actually declared Russia trade war, increasing sanctions. This opinion was expressed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on his page in Facebook. However, he was sure that the meaning of these measures will not, and Russia will still be able to develop. “Russia declared a full trade war,” he said.

Discovered alien glow in the dark water

Researchers from Exeter University in the UK revealed the presence of water in the atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-121b. This gas giant refers to the type of hot Jupiters — large planets that are so close to the parent star that their atmospheres are heated to several thousand degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, water molecules are “heating up”, emitting infrared radiation. Article researchers published in the journal Nature. WASP-121b is removed from the Earth at a distance of 900 light years. Year on the planet lasts 1.3 days, and the mass and size it is superior to Jupiter. Researchers estimate that the upper layers of the gas envelope of the exoplanet is heated to 2500 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the iron may be in solid or liquid form, and exists in the form of gas. Many planets in the Solar system are in the stratosphere part of the atmosphere, which

The foreign Ministry promised to respond to new us sanctions

Hostile attacks of the U.S. against Moscow, including the expulsion of Russian diplomats, as well as the seizure of departmenet, will not remain unanswered. This is stated in the comments of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry, published on Wednesday, August 2. “We have already demonstrated that they are not going to leave without an answer hostile attacks, including expulsion by U.S. authorities of our diplomats and the seizure of diplomatic property. Of course, reserve the right and other countermeasures,” — said the Agency. Also the foreign Minister regretted the introduction of the us sanctions of the law. “The name itself – “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” – speaks for itself: the initiators of this idea are trying to convince the American public an appropriate view of our country”, — stated in the message. In addition, the Agency advised us lovers of


Photo: AP Photo / Virginia Mayo The Guardian columnist Natalie Sugared explained why, in her view, the EU is not happy the new law of the USA about the sanctions against Russia. “Instead of applauding the actions of Washington against Russia, the European Union feels rage. The Russian leader again in scoring due to the craziness around Donald trump,” she writes. The EU representatives made it clear that he was unhappy with. The German foreign Minister said that the United States pursue their own economic interests and wanted to force Europe to buy U.S. liquefied gas. The French government has doubts that the bill meets international standards. But European Commission President Jean-CEDAW Juncker was so outraged that called for retaliation. “In this episode, the European Union has behaved as if he teamed up with Putin against Congress.” says Sugared. According to her, when in Brussels say that the new sanctions

A mysterious alien signals found the explanation

A mysterious alien signals found the explanation The cause of the mysterious fast radio bursts may be getting into black holes axion stars — objects formed by dark matter. To such conclusion came scientists from the University of Nishogakusha in Tokyo. Preprint of a study published in the repository Briefly about scientific work tells the publication New Scientist. According to experts, in the early stages of the Universe, which at that time was less dark matter particles — axions — coalesced together, forming a special type of objects. These “dark stars” accumulate near the centers of galaxies, where they could be captured by supermassive black holes. Axion stars then faced with accretion disks — rotating structures, which are formed around holes of the falling matter. The accretion disk has an own powerful electromagnetic field. Its presence leads to the fact that some of the axions decay, emitting photons. The

The Americans proposed to stretch your muscles gold massager

The Americans proposed to stretch your muscles gold massager American brand Tiger Tail introduced a new model of the massager Body. About it reports Luxurylaunches. A tool made of gold and, according to representatives of the brand, designed for all muscle groups. Price — 5 thousand dollars. Each massager is equipped with a unique number. Tools are made to order, creating one takes about a month. In 2015, the inventor of China Chen Gunka (Chen Gongke) has created a device that washes and dries the hair and makes the head massage. Based on designs he took an old motorcycle helmet. The whole process takes about five minutes. The control is performed with a special panel. The idea to create such a device came to the Chinaman in the head when he took care of his paralyzed grandmother. In order to bring to mind the design took him about 20 hats

Russian tourist sued 50 thousand rubles for the smelly hotel room

Russian tourist sued 50 thousand rubles for the smelly hotel room A resident of Novosibirsk through the court received from the tour company about 50 thousand rubles for a spoiled holiday in the resort of Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region. On Wednesday, August 2, according to the portal According to the plaintiff, he bought for himself and his family a trip to Sheregesh, the company, whose name is not specified. However, in a hotel room that was booked for tourists, there was a persistent smell of sewage. To quickly resolve this issue the staff of the accommodation could not, in the end, the city’s residents had to move to another hotel and to pay for accommodation. Then the man demanded from the firms to pay damages. However, the company has refused to do this, pointing to the lack of evidence of the need to change rooms. Vacationer could obtain

The CEC analyzed the situation of the municipal filter

The CEC does not agree with the statement that the municipal filter impassable for most of the candidates at the head of the Federation. This is stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru” on Wednesday, August 2. The Commission analyzed the situation in 16 regions, where the election campaign. According to estimates by the Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Russia of Nikolay bulaeva, in the presidential race attended by 24 political parties. “Today was 53 candidates, documents, 23 candidates are under consideration in the relevant election commissions. 29 candidates either did not submit documents for registration or refused to participate,” said Bulaev. At the same time, the CEC came to the conclusion that at least 60 percent of the signatures of municipal deputies required candidates for the nomination, has remained unclaimed. “Therefore, when it is alleged that the municipal filter can not pass, this statement can be

The Kremlin reacted to the signing of the trump of the law on new sanctions against Russia

Dmitry Peskov The signing by US President Donald trump bill toughening anti-Russian sanctions de facto does not change anything, said the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. His words leads RIA Novosti on Wednesday, August 2. “This is not news. The fact that a bill has been passed and with the signature or without the signature of the President of the [US] he would have become law automatically”, — said Peskov. He also reminded that Moscow has retaliated in connection with the actions of Washington. Earlier Wednesday, Donald trump signed a congressional bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The document, in particular, there are limits on companies including the oil and gas sector. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov told “” said that trump was forced to endorse the initiative of senators who are not able “to give