A mysterious alien signals found the explanation

A mysterious alien signals found the explanation

The cause of the mysterious fast radio bursts may be getting into black holes axion stars — objects formed by dark matter. To such conclusion came scientists from the University of Nishogakusha in Tokyo.

Preprint of a study published in the repository arxiv.org. Briefly about scientific work tells the publication New Scientist.

According to experts, in the early stages of the Universe, which at that time was less dark matter particles — axions — coalesced together, forming a special type of objects. These “dark stars” accumulate near the centers of galaxies, where they could be captured by supermassive black holes. Axion stars then faced with accretion disks — rotating structures, which are formed around holes of the falling matter.

The accretion disk has an own powerful electromagnetic field. Its presence leads to the fact that some of the axions decay, emitting photons. The last beam is recorded by means of astrophysical observations as fast radio bursts.

This mechanism helps to explain why the anomalous RF pulses are repeated at different time intervals. This effect may be due to the fact that the same axion star passes through the disk occasionly again and again until the magnetic field will not destroy the entire object.

The first quick pulse was discovered in 2001 by a radio telescope in Australia, the data which is processed only by 2007. Have since confirmed the existence of about 20 such signals. Astronomers believe that the likely source may be a neutron star. In addition, we examined the hypothesis of their alien origin.