Russian tourist sued 50 thousand rubles for the smelly hotel room

Russian tourist sued 50 thousand rubles for the smelly hotel room

A resident of Novosibirsk through the court received from the tour company about 50 thousand rubles for a spoiled holiday in the resort of Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region. On Wednesday, August 2, according to the portal

According to the plaintiff, he bought for himself and his family a trip to Sheregesh, the company, whose name is not specified. However, in a hotel room that was booked for tourists, there was a persistent smell of sewage.

To quickly resolve this issue the staff of the accommodation could not, in the end, the city’s residents had to move to another hotel and to pay for accommodation.

Then the man demanded from the firms to pay damages. However, the company has refused to do this, pointing to the lack of evidence of the need to change rooms. Vacationer could obtain the money for a ticket only in the court.

But then the tourist decided to obtain from the organization a penalty, fine and compensation for moral damage (for a total of 100 thousand rubles), as the company had not responded to his claim. To this end, he again appealed to the court. In the end, his claims were satisfied, but only partially.

In October 2016 in the survey, Russian tourists are one of the main causes of dissatisfaction with the hotel rooms called mud rooms.