In Russia decided to reduce the road signs

In Russia decided to reduce the road signs After Moscow throughout Russia will use road signs of reduced size. The journalists said the Deputy mayor of the capital Maxim Liksutov, reports “Interfax”. According to him, this decision was supported at the meeting of the government Commission on road safety. “Until the end of the year will be adopted with appropriate changes in the standards,” said the official in charge in the Moscow mayor for transport and road infrastructure. The Commission also supported the idea of decreasing the number of road signs, reporting auxiliary character, added Liksutov. Besides the capital, the experiment of using the marks of reduced size were held in Saint-Petersburg, Saratov and Vladimir. As reported by the Agency “Moscow”, updated signs the size of one and a half times smaller than the former. They do not obscure the architecture of the houses and this is well visible for

In a public Park of Paris opened a nudist area

In a public Park of Paris opened a nudist area In a public Park in the suburbs of Paris as an experiment, opened an area for nudists. The size of the allocated site for fans of naked recreation is comparable to a football field. It will open in the Bois de Vincennes until October 15. Authorities have warned it will not tolerate there manifestations of exhibitionism and voyeurism. At the entrance hanging a set of rules of conduct. “We are doing this within the framework of our unbiased approach to the public spaces of Paris,” said Deputy mayor Penelop Comites, which are parks of the French capital. About a special area for naturists, located near a bird sanctuary, tourists will be warning signs and signs. Nudists and naturists can be there from 8 am to 7:30 PM. In favor of the implementation of the initiative in particular was that in

As the death of Princess Diana changed the Royal family?

As the death of Princess Diana changed the Royal family? Twenty years later, in the Palace there was a bloodless coup. All members of the Royal family still in their seats, but the center of influence has shifted. 15фотографий15фотографий15фотографий The death of Princess Diana in 1997 and the public reaction to this tragedy shook the house of Windsor. Twenty years later, in the Palace there was a bloodless coup. All members of the Royal family still in their seats, but the center of influence has shifted. In early August of this year from his post gone private Secretary to the Queen sir Christopher Geidt, who was by her side for many years. This means that the eldest son of Elizabeth II now will be able to determine in what direction will move the British monarchy. Internal reshuffle at the Palace only interested in inner circle of courtiers, but care little

The suburbs included in the top most popular areas to visit in September

Moscow region became one of the main tourist destinations for Russians in the autumn season, according to the website of the regional government on Thursday, August 31. “In 2016 the suburbs was visited by 12.5 million tourists, which is significantly higher than in 2013 (8.5 million). Our main goal was to create a single comfortable cultural-tourist complex of Moscow region and increasing the number of tourists to the region by 2019 to 15 million people”, — said the Minister of culture Oksana Kosareva. It is expected that this year, the suburbs will be visited by 14 million people. August 7 the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported that Mesoblast entered the top 10 destinations of domestic tourism. In July last year it was reported that the estate “Arkhangelsk” in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region was recognized as the most visited tourist attraction.

The vehicle hit several pedestrians on the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg

At the Kazan Cathedral on Nevsky prospect in Saint Petersburg had a serious accident, according to the “Driver Petersburg”. On the night of 31 August, the driver of the Ford Mondeo, drove onto the sidewalk and hit out there four. All of them were hospitalized, the time of the accident was recorded by a surveillance camera. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated. 8 August in Mytischi situated near Moscow faced two cars Skoda, one of them dropped to the sidewalk, and he hit five pedestrians. April 1 in St. Petersburg, the Ford slid off the roadway into a pedestrian, hit three people and overturned. Two men died, one woman was hospitalized in moderate condition.

From hit singer Linda driver was not Russian rights

In the Moscow police said that the man who hit singer Linda, no Russian driver’s license. About TASS reported the press service of the MIA. It noted that the administrative protocols were in fact “driving a vehicle driver who is not in possession of the documents provided by traffic regulations” and “non-performance of duties in connection with dorozhno-transport incident”. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, a medical examination confirmed that at the time of the accident, the man was not intoxicated. In respect of the transport company where he works under the contract, a criminal case under article 12.32.1 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation on the admission to management of a person who does not have a Russian driver’s license. August 30, at the unregulated crosswalk on the street karetnyy Ryad MAZ truck ran over two people. According to preliminary data, the driver has not coped

The implementation of a series of “Lidocaine” was suspended after the death of two people

The implementation of a series of “Lidocaine” was suspended after the death of two people MOSCOW, 31 Aug — RIA Novosti. Roszdravnadzor suspended the implementation of a series of drug “Lidocaine”, after which apply from anaphylactic shock died two people, told RIA Novosti press-service Agency. “In 2017, the Service received two communications from the Republic of Crimea and the Samara region about the deaths of patients (41 years and 9 months), due to anaphylactic shock during the use of the drug “Lidocaine, solution for injection… series 020117, produced by “Ozone” (in one case, the drug “Lidocaine” was used together with the drug “Water for injection”)… Other messages on adverse reactions of these drugs the above mentioned series in Roszdravnadzor did not arrive”, — is spoken in the message. As explained in Department, in order to avoid connection between the onset of anaphylactic shock and poor drugs, organized quality examination of

In Texas due to the floods damaged about one hundred thousand homes

In Texas due to the floods damaged about one hundred thousand homes WASHINGTON, 31 Aug — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. About 100 thousand houses damaged in the floods in Texas, told reporters Advisor to the US President for homeland security Tom Bossert. 18фотографий18фотографий18фотографий “The impact of (a hurricane — ed.) was subjected to 100 million homes,” said Bossert. According to him, the administration will shortly submit to the Congress a request for additional funding in connection with the liquidation of consequences of natural disasters. At least 39 people were killed, tens of thousands were evacuated in the flooding in Texas caused by hurricane “Harvey”.

From Krasnodar airport evacuated

From Krasnodar airport evacuated KRASNODAR, August 31. /TASS/. Passengers were evacuated on Thursday from the Krasnodar airport due to reports of possible mining, reported by TASS in the press service of “Basel Aero”. “Today, August 31, at the Krasnodar airport received information about the possible mining of the terminal. 20:56 evacuated passengers. The employees of operative services is checked”, — said the press service. In turn, the duty of the linear Department of internal Affairs on transport TASS assured that the danger to people there. According to the schedule in the near future from Krasnodar need to fly two flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg (one of the planes into the capital, arrested) and in Izhevsk and Aktau.

Vladimir Putin needs a woman

Vladimir Putin needs a woman In the President’s administration thought that the sparring partner of the main presidential candidates was a woman, told “Vedomosti” the interlocutors in the administration and close to it experts. Considered 5-7 candidates, among which three — “Fair Russia”, Chairman of the Social democratic women’s Union of Russia Natalia the Great, the leader of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets and member of the Central Council of the party Irina Petelava, say several sources close to the presidential administration. Agreed on the candidacy of women who are not in one party knows the other person close to the administration. Ideal — Ksenia Sobchak, showing the image of a modern young woman who would like to go into politics, says another source close to the administration: intelligent, bright, interesting, but not in all corresponding to the image of a typical Russian woman, the question will decide whether