In a public Park of Paris opened a nudist area

In a public Park of Paris opened a nudist area

In a public Park in the suburbs of Paris as an experiment, opened an area for nudists.

The size of the allocated site for fans of naked recreation is comparable to a football field. It will open in the Bois de Vincennes until October 15.

Authorities have warned it will not tolerate there manifestations of exhibitionism and voyeurism. At the entrance hanging a set of rules of conduct.

“We are doing this within the framework of our unbiased approach to the public spaces of Paris,” said Deputy mayor Penelop Comites, which are parks of the French capital.

About a special area for naturists, located near a bird sanctuary, tourists will be warning signs and signs. Nudists and naturists can be there from 8 am to 7:30 PM.

In favor of the implementation of the initiative in particular was that in the country there are many nudist beaches and camp sites, and Paris is also necessary to attract lovers naked.

“This is true happiness. Among the adherents of naturism there is another freedom,” — said in an interview with Agence France-Presse the representative of the naturist Association of Paris Julien Claude-Penegra.

“This demonstrates the openness of the city and help to change people’s attitudes to nakedness, to our values and our respect for nature,” he added, suggesting that the special zone will benefit thousands of people.

But there are those who criticized the undertaking. When in 2016 it became known about the initiative, a local politician centrist views called the idea crazy.

The Parisians already have a public pool where they can swim naked three times a week.