The implementation of a series of “Lidocaine” was suspended after the death of two people

The implementation of a series of “Lidocaine” was suspended after the death of two people

MOSCOW, 31 Aug — RIA Novosti. Roszdravnadzor suspended the implementation of a series of drug “Lidocaine”, after which apply from anaphylactic shock died two people, told RIA Novosti press-service Agency.

“In 2017, the Service received two communications from the Republic of Crimea and the Samara region about the deaths of patients (41 years and 9 months), due to anaphylactic shock during the use of the drug “Lidocaine, solution for injection… series 020117, produced by “Ozone” (in one case, the drug “Lidocaine” was used together with the drug “Water for injection”)… Other messages on adverse reactions of these drugs the above mentioned series in Roszdravnadzor did not arrive”, — is spoken in the message.

As explained in Department, in order to avoid connection between the onset of anaphylactic shock and poor drugs, organized quality examination of samples of said series of drugs “Lidocaine” and “Water for injection”, which is still ongoing.

“As a preventive measure… the implementation of these series of drugs “Lidocaine” and “Water for injection” on the territory of the Russian Federation suspended the holder of the registration certificates of these drugs OOO “Atoll”, as the Ministry informed the subjects of circulation of medicines”, — said in Roszdravnadzor.

The Ministry added that the information about the risk of allergic reactions in the form of anaphylactic shock are given in instructions for medical use of drugs “Lidocaine”, including the production of “Ozone”.

“Lidocaine” — a local anesthetic and cardiac depressant used as antiarrhythmic agents.