The CEC analyzed the situation of the municipal filter

The CEC does not agree with the statement that the municipal filter impassable for most of the candidates at the head of the Federation. This is stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru” on Wednesday, August 2.

The Commission analyzed the situation in 16 regions, where the election campaign. According to estimates by the Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Russia of Nikolay bulaeva, in the presidential race attended by 24 political parties.

“Today was 53 candidates, documents, 23 candidates are under consideration in the relevant election commissions. 29 candidates either did not submit documents for registration or refused to participate,” said Bulaev.

At the same time, the CEC came to the conclusion that at least 60 percent of the signatures of municipal deputies required candidates for the nomination, has remained unclaimed. “Therefore, when it is alleged that the municipal filter can not pass, this statement can be considered incorrect,” — said the representative of the electoral Commission.

The CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova, in turn, gave the example of the former candidate on a post of the head Sverdlovsk region from the party “Yabloko” Yevgeny Roizman, who claimed that even before his nomination was assembled locking package signatures in 18 municipalities, which did not allow him to overcome the filter.

“According to absolutely reliable information, unclaimed, “free” votes of the deputies remained in 72 municipalities. No blocking stake was not,” she said.

One of the goals of the municipal filter at its introduction in 2012, she said, was the development of political parties at the municipal level, soft incentives to participate in local elections. “Unfortunately, as we see today, not everywhere did it, she stated.