Tree killed 11 people during a religious festival in Madeira

Madeira 11 people died after they fell a tree, another 35, including a small child, injured. On Tuesday, August 15, reports the Daily Mail.

It is noted that several people were taken to local hospitals with head injuries and fractures.

The incident occurred in Monte, a suburb of Funchal (the capital of the Autonomous region of Madeira) during the festival of the Madonna (Festa da Senhora do Monte). Traditional procession in honor of the patron Saint of the island, which is part of the festival, is cancelled.

The feast of our lady of Monte is held annually on August 15. It is one of the biggest and famous religious festivals in Madeira to participate the island attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Traditionally on this day in churches on the hills of Monte performed the mass, and then down the street is a colorful procession. The feast is accompanied by entertainment, music and dancing.