In the United States has considered the DPRK is capable of producing rocket engines independently

North Korea has the ability to produce rocket engines, and, judging by intelligence, to Pyongyang, there is no need to rely on imported engines. About it to Agency Reuters, a us official said.

“We have evidence to suggest that North Korea depends on the import of engines,” he said.

The spokesman added that, as suggested in Washington, North Korea has the ability to produce engines of their own.

August 14, the New York Times, citing sources in the U.S. intelligence community and experts of the International Institute for strategic studies (IISS) reported on a tried in North Korea’s latest ballistic missiles, the engines, the technology of which could be obtained with the Ukrainian “Yuzhmash.”

General designer of KB Alexander Degtyarev stated that none of the employees of the enterprise aid to North Korea to provide could not. He categorically rejected the version about the possibility of a direct supply of engines in the DPRK.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert, commenting on reports on the issue, noted that the U.S. takes seriously the reports on deliveries of rocket engines from Ukraine to North Korea. however, according to her, Ukraine has “a very solid history of efforts in the field of non-proliferation”, including in relation to North Korea.