Kislyak spoke about the American shame

“Toxic atmosphere” created around Russia and attempts to portray the Russian Ambassador spy is a shame that the evidence of unhealthy trends in American society. This was stated by former Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak on air of TV channel “Russia 24”.

“I believe that all the talk about the fact that I, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation – spy, shameful for a country like America. What has now become normal to talk about how bugged the Russian Ambassador, as his phone stuck listening programs – this is becoming the new “normal” for America. It is an unhealthy society,” — said Kislyak.

According to him, some American policy “mired in litigation around false information”, they lose their time on things that are second-rate Americans, who live a normal life.

However, he noted that even the leadership of the FBI had to make a statement that Kislyak is a diplomat, not a spy.

Former Russian Ambassador also said that his communication with former Advisor to trump on national security Michael Flynn dealt with the fight against terrorism.

Previously, a number of American politicians and media accused Kislyak and Flynn in a secret discussion on the topic of sanctions against Russia.