Video: Japan has created an unusual robot

Video: Japan has created an unusual robot

Japanese agricultural cooperative Ja Kisarazu-shi presented an unusual robot in the form of a wolf tasked with scaring the wild animals.

According to the Japan News, the device is sheathed in dense fur, and he had artificial teeth. The size of the robot is similar with the adult wolf: 0.5 meter in height and 0.65 m in length. The apparatus is inserted LED eyes red, and system of imitation of sounds, including the howling, the human voice, shots and 15 different options.

According to the plan creators, the signals shall begin to operate when embedded in the “wolf” nearby sensors detect any movement. It is noted that the first instance of the robot has already passed successful test in July 2017. The market value of this “wolf” will amount to 200 thousand yen, which is approximately equal to 108 thousand rubles.

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