In Berlin, the man urinated on the memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers

41-year-old man desecrated the memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers in a Large Park Tiergarten is located in Berlin. On Monday, August 14, Die Welt reported.

As noted, the incident occurred Monday at 12:30 Berlin time (13:30 GMT). The man urinated on the monument, and then spit on him. Police arrived on the scene detained the violator of public order, shouting slogans in support of Nazism.

It is also indicated that during the detention he shouted anti-Russian slogans. After identification, the man was released, now he is forbidden to appear in the area of the memorial.

In fact the incident the police brought criminal case. 41-year-old man faces a fine and a prison sentence of up to two years.

On the eve of the Dresden unknown beat a drunken American who has demonstrated a Nazi salute in the city centre. In the blood of the victim was found “extremely high” alcohol content. His opponent wanted to bring charges of light bodily injuries.

August 5, police in Berlin have arrested close to the Reichstag two ziguyuschih Chinese tourists. Men photographed each other on mobile phones. They were accused of using banned symbols and released after payment of bail in the amount of 500 Euro for each.