Russian tourists came to terms with the enterovirus

Russian tourists came to terms with the enterovirus

They are not prepared to abandon the current trips to Turkey.

The concern of the CPS about the more frequent cases of tourists in Turkey are Russians enterovirus infections are not convinced of Russian tourists: less than 0.1% of travelers who choose to spend a holiday in this country, annulled the previously purchased tours. However, the statement of officials triggered a significant slowdown of the dynamics of the current bookings.

Reports of increased incidence of Coxsackie virus in Turkey has led to mass peremanivanie and cancellations of repurchased tours, said the respondents “Kommersant” the participants of the market.

According to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), the total number of applications for the cancellation was not more than 1 thousand, a large network received an average of 100-200 hits. This corresponds to 0.17 percent of the total number of purchased rounds.

According to estimates representative of the Federal tourism Agency Svetlana Sergeeva, now repurchased approximately 600 thousand rounds. About 375 thousand Russian tourists, she said, are now in Turkey. Despite the large number of calls, refusals are rare, agrees to sales Director Olga Anisko.

However, the noise around Turkey triggered a significant slowdown of the dynamics of current reservations: representative Igor Blinov, over the weekend the share trends in the overall number of requests decreased by 16 percentage points, from 48% to 32%.

Message existing in Turkey is the threat to the health of tourists on Friday extended the CPS.

According to calculations departments, during the summer, the hotline service received more than 500 complaints of health deterioration of Russians living in the Turkish resorts. Most of the patients are children up to 14 years.