Suburban clinic refuses entry via the registry

In clinics the Moscow region from September 1, will be canceled the record to the doctor via the registry, it said on Thursday, August 10, “the Russian newspaper”.

It is noted that the recording will be done via the state services portal Moscow region, sites of medical institutions or through established clinics infomats.

As explained in the Ministry of health, later on, these forms of entry will be transferred to other regions. “Today Russia is implementing the project “Lean clinic”. The first experience showed that 4-5 months to divide the flow of healthy and sick patients to provide comfortable passage of prophylactic medical examination, to begin to assist without queues”, — added in Department.

Experiment “Lean hospital” was launched by the Ministry of health in November 2016. It was attended by the medical institution of Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. The aim of the project is to improve the accessibility and quality of health services and to improve the work of medical institutions.

In early August the government approved a project for the improvement of the functioning of clinics, which is expected to be implemented until 2023. It is planned to improve the quality of medical services, patients ‘ satisfaction with the work of medical institutions, reduce the waiting time of reception and date of passing the examination.