Amorous workaholic. What killed the actor Andrei Krasko?

Amorous workaholic. What killed the actor Andrei Krasko?

10 Aug actor Andrei Krasko would have turned 60 years old.

His career as an actor Andrei Krasko began in kindergarten. At one of the matinees he played Bunny, and his first stage partner was the father — known Petersburg actor Ivan Krasko. He played the role of Santa Claus.

Despite this early acting debut, career choices Krasko was painfully slow. He wanted to be a doctor, then a pilot, then an astronaut, then a driver, then a fireman. That is the personality — impulsive, fickle, prone to extremes. These qualities are reflected in his relationships with women, alcohol. The profession, in the end.

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Love stabbing

“I really loved all of the women lived!”, said in a recent interview with Andrey Krasko. And the women in his life were many. The actor had two official marriage and at least four civilians. Your relationships with women Krasko commented as follows: “My trouble is that I am amorous. Anything with myself I can’t.”

Amorous actor once almost led to the tragedy. Because of jealousy, according to Andrew, unreasonable, one of the beloved actor once made a big stink, which ended in the actual stabbing.

Not wanting to hear excuses Krasko, his next woman stabbed him in the chest knife. The shot pierced a lung. While driving the ambulance, the actor lost a lot of blood. Due to blood loss in the hospital Andrew flatlined.

“When I died, came an extraordinary lightness, I saw the light, the tunnel — all as described in survivors of cardiac arrest,” recalled the actor.