The Dalai Lama: the aspirations of leaders and their peoples do not always coincide

The Dalai Lama: the aspirations of leaders and their peoples do not always coincide The Dalai Lama in an exclusive interview with “Kommersant FM” said that global processes should not be considered at the level of political leaders. “Leaders are often selfish, motivated by a desire to retain power and many other motives. Their motivation and aspirations of the people — not always the same,” said he. According to the spiritual leader of Buddhists, the political leaders cannot and should not be symbols of peoples because they “are not eternal, they are trying and will try to control everything, but they don’t live a hundred years”.

Tweet Obama after the events in Charlottesville has become the most popular in history

Tweet Obama after the events in Charlottesville has become the most popular in history The publication of former U.S. President Barack Obama after clashes in Charlottesville (Virginia) has become the most popular in the entire history of Twitter. This is evidenced by the data on the website, which tracks user activity. “No one is born hating another person because of skin color, origin or religion,” he wrote on 13 August and put to record the photo where he is depicted at the window of the kindergarten. “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” — Barack Obama (@’s presidency) 13 Aug 2017 During the download an error has occurred. The post gathered more than 2.9 million Facebook likes and 1.2 million shares. Quote South African politician and human rights campaigner Nelson Mandela. In the next post

Almost 40% of Russians do not drink alcohol, has found out VTSIOM

Almost 40% of Russians do not drink alcohol, has found out VTSIOM MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti. Almost half of Russians began to eat less alcohol for the last year, do not drink alcohol 39%, according to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) at the disposal of RIA Novosti. Reducing the consumption of “household drugs” VTSIOM researchers noted a decrease level of alcohol consumption in Russia. According to them, in 2009, that does not drink alcohol, reported by a quarter of Russians, and this is already 39% (among women and 18-24 year olds — 47%). From time to time drink 59% of citizens, but in the vast majority of cases — not a few times a month. In the total sample, two to three times a month drink alcohol 16%, among men — 23% (11% among women). The higher the proportion of 25-34-year

The inhabitant of Cheboksary received a suspended sentence for being drunk and beating up five policemen

The inhabitant of Cheboksary has received 1,5 years conditionally for the use of violence against five police officers. On Wednesday, August 16, reported on the website of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Chuvash Republic. 37-year-old woman convicted under article 319, part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code (“Insult and violence against representatives of the authorities”). It is noted that the verdict in force has not entered. The incident with her participation happened on the night of April 23. A woman in a state of alcoholic intoxication, violated the public order in one of the local cafes. On a scene there has arrived patrol crew, which angered deboshirki, in the presence of other people she berated the guards with obscene abuse. After that, the woman was taken to the police station for investigation. However, the requirement to calm down she ignored, and “a little less than

Ural owners zagruzchik girl dogs will go on trial

Two villagers Palimino in the Sverdlovsk region, whose dogs killed a seven year-old neighbor, filed the final charges under article “causing death on imprudence”. Soon they will stand trial. About it “” said Alexander Shulga, the senior assistant administrator of regional investigatory management SKR. He said that the two men, 42 and 54 years, are under house arrest and guilty to the crime do not recognize. 5 Feb around 14:20 on the Playground behind the House of culture in the village was found the body of a seven year old girl, who died from multiple bites. In this case, four teenagers saw about her two big dogs without muzzles and leashes. Investigators together with the police have established families that contained these animals, and the witnesses they have identified. Under control of law enforcement, the owners of Pets killed, after which he was arrested. They from the first minute denied

The fire area in the North of Moscow has reached 15 thousand square meters

The area of the fire in a warehouse in northeast Moscow has reached 15 thousand square meters. About it “” has informed a source in the headquarters of the fire. According to him, in the building at the address ul. Polyarnaya, 31A in area Northern Medvedkovo, completely collapsed roof, now collapsing ceilings. To extinguish the fire attracted aviation. The source said that one helicopter Ka-32 is refilled with water and will soon be sent to Medvedkovo. “During investigation it is established that stock consumer goods, containers with flammable substances of the “paints and varnishes”, as well as car tyres,” — said the source. Information on victims did not arrive yet. According to Medvedkovo spreading acrid smoke, said the correspondent of”.ru”. Fighting the fire was led by the head of a capital Central Board of the Ministry of emergency situations Lieutenant General Ilya Denisov.