Half of Russians called the case of speaker “indicative action”

Half of Russians called the case of speaker “indicative action”

Almost half of Russians (49%) said the case against ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev “indicative action”, the majority of respondents (57%) believe the defendant guilty. This is stated in the results of the poll are received in the RBC.

According to the study, that the proceedings against the speaker — the real fight against corruption — agreed 35% of Russians. Everything about the process is well known to most of Russians (71%), while more knowledgeable people of retirement age (88%), residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (82%).

Last year, the number of respondents who considered the case of speaker “indicative offer” or “settling of accounts”, amounted to 54%.

More than half of Russians (57%) tend to assume that the speaker guilty of bribery, and among those who are familiar with the details case against ex-Minister, this view is shared by 79%. Innocent former politician called 7%. From those who are knowledgeable about the process, innocent Ulyukayev say 10%.

Moreover, among those who believe the speaker to be guilty, more than half (56%) suggested that the court will conclude with the imposition of a formal sentence — minimum term, and another 21% believe that the speaker will escape punishment.

17% at the same time suggested that the defendant will be punished “to the fullest extent”.

Ex-Minister Ulyukayev detained November 15, 2016, is accused of receiving a bribe of $2 million for the positive assessment of the transaction on purchase of “Bashneft”, “Rosneft”. Concerning it criminal case under part 6 St. 290 criminal code (bribery by a person holding a state post of the Russian Federation, in especially large size). 16 August 2017 at the first hearing on the merits, the court adjourned the proceedings until 1 September.