Arrested two suspects of involvement in the terrorist attack in Barcelona

Continued: media reported on the arrival of the car on three of the Barcelona police

Driss Kabir (Driss Oukabir), allegedly rented the van that was done hitting people in the heart of Barcelona, was detained. It is reported by La Vanguardia.

Together with him were taken into custody another man. According to the publication, Kabir living in Ripoll (Girona), but he was a native of Marseilles. Information about the second detainee is not given.

That the name was leased Akabira involved in the attack on the van, it became known earlier, on August 17. Police believe that the same person was driving the vehicle at the time of the attack, but this information is not confirmed.

The attack on the Rambla in the centre of Barcelona was made 17 Aug. The minibus ran over a pedestrian, as a result, according to unconfirmed reports, killed 13 people. Officially confirmed one death. Also reported 32 victims. The driver of the vehicle escaped. It was reported that he could hide in a nearby Turkish restaurant and took hostage of its visitors. However, the police of Catalonia in Twitter denied this information.

Later the information appeared that in the district of Diagonal Avenue, the car made arrival on three law enforcement officers. Whether these events among themselves is still unknown. It is possible that the driver lost control.