Named involved in the attack a resident of Catalonia, said the theft of the passport

A resident of Catalonia Driss Kabir in whose name was the leased used in a terrorist attack in Barcelona, the van appeared in the police and stated that he stole the documents. About this newspaper La Vanguardia.

Kabir came to the police station of Ripoll and stated that at the time of the attack, he did not go beyond this settlement. According to the mayor of the city Jordi Monella, Kabir well known here. He is a citizen of France, but resides in Catalonia.

Monell added that the police finds out, why the theft of documents Ukair not stated earlier, and also the version that the attack involved his younger brother Moussa Kabir who could steal a passport.

Minibus day August 17, ran into pedestrians on the Las Ramblas in Barcelona. According to recent reports, killed 13 people, injured about 80. The driver managed to escape from the scene of the crime.

Some time later, there appeared information on detention of the Drissa Akabira hiring the vehicle. It was reported that together with him were taken into custody another man. Later, the government of Catalonia confirmed that two people have been arrested.

In addition, during the shooting, the police eliminated another suspect of involvement in the attack. According to some, is the man responsible for hitting the police on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, some time later, after the attack on the Rambla.

The police of Catalonia confirmed the fact of hitting the guards. When it hit the two law enforcement officers.

Responsibility for the attack claimed by the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).