2500 units and 4000 soldier: who and what makes Europe the most militarized area in the world

Two and a half thousand pieces of equipment and four thousand soldiers distributed over six countries of Europe in the framework of NATO strategy. In addition to Poland are Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania. In fact, the operation “Atlantic determination” makes Eastern Europe one of the most militarized area in the world.   Under the pretext of a mythical Russian threat, NATO is amassing forces here, which was not here a quarter of a century. On the roads of Germany, the Baltic States, Poland already passed 87 tanks “Abrams”, 18 self-propelled howitzer “paladin”, 144 fighting vehicles “Bradley”. Air delivered three and a half thousand soldiers of the U.S. army. And this is only the first wave.   Analysts estimate that just over the Western borders of Russia will hang the “fist” of the three and a half thousand tanks. Interestingly, this figure coincides almost exactly with the plan “Barbarossa”

The defense Ministry expressed a protest to the military attaché of Ukraine because of the actions of the Ukrainian An-26

Igor Konashenkov © Sergey Bobylev/TASS MOSCOW, 1 Feb. /TASS/. The defense Ministry expressed its official protest to the military attaché of Ukraine because of the actions of the Ukrainian An-26 in the Black sea near the Russian drilling rigs. This was reported to journalists by the official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

Trump has decided to meet the plane with the remains of the deceased in Yemen commando

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump went to the air force base Dover to meet the plane with the remains of the fighter of special troops of the Navy William Owens, who was killed in Yemen during a RAID on the headquarters of the terrorists. It is reported TASS with reference to the journalists accompanying the head of state. It is noted that this trip was not listed in the schedule of the head of state on Wednesday, February 1, which is pre-distributed to the White house. President was accompanied by his daughter Ivanka, and democratic Senator Chris coons. The farewell ceremony will be held behind closed doors, what did you ask the family of Owens. Owens became the first military personnel who died during the presidential term, trump, which began January 20. Attack on camp of insurgents “al-kaidy” in the Central part of Yemen became

The white house has been allowed into the United States to all holders of green cards

The US administration explained that legal permanent residents, holders of green cards will not face refusal of entry into the country, reports Reuters with reference to the official White house spokesman Sean Spicer. In the instructions for execution of the decree of the President of Donald trump has made the appropriate clarification. The question, is prohibited entry into the United States citizens who have fallen under the restrictions of the countries, if they have a green card, remained by far the most confusing, the Agency said. Initially it was assumed that restrictions will affect, and this circle of people. 27 Jan trump has signed a decree according to which the territory of the USA prohibited the entry of citizens of seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan. In addition, for a period of 120 days suspended accepting Syrian refugees. As explained by the American President, this

Marine Le Pen called anti-Russian sanctions “an absolutely stupid”

Marine Le Pen The leader of the French party “national front” candidate for President marine Le Pen called anti-Russian sanctions “an absolutely stupid”. Such a statement she made to CNN Wednesday, February 1. According to her, the restrictive measures did not solve any problems and have not improved the situation. “Everything that made the sanctions — this has created large economic problems for the countries of the European Union”, — said Le Pen. According to her, you need to “step back” from the looks of the cold war. Le Pen has repeatedly advocated the restoration of relations with Russia. So, on January 17, the politician stated that in case of victory on elections of the President of France recognize Crimea as Russian. In her opinion, the affiliation of the Peninsula Ukraine “was merely an administrative issue Soviet times.” She also expressed regret that the past in 2014, a referendum “was

In the state Duma has denied the existence of claims on the lands of Kazakhstan

Leonid Slutsky Moscow never raised the question of the return of the lands of Kazakhstan under Russian control. This was stated by the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky on Wednesday, February 1, reports “Interfax”. “In the State Duma never sounded this idea. I can assure you that neither in the parliamentary groups, or relevant committees on international Affairs and CIS Affairs — such proposals could not be”, — he stressed. According to him, in recent days the Ukrainian mass media widely disseminated by the statements of the member of the Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and ties with compatriots Paul Shperova, attributing his territorial claims to Kazakhstan. At the same time, Slutsky emphasized, Shperova words were taken out of context, he wasn’t talking about the revision of the existing borders between the two countries. “Kazakhstan is fraternal for Russia, the state closest partner in

The CPS explained the possible penalties for possession of “thepresence”

The CPS will not penalize citizens for import sanctions products for personal use. On Wednesday, February 1, Rambler News Service said the Minister Sergey Walkers responsible for the development of the bill. “In order for personal needs is used, this will not work. This applies to industrial revolutions economic entities, if customs missed something, across the border slipped forbidden products, but the CPS here already in circulation will be identified,” explained Walker. In his words, to identify prohibited products the Agency will in the course of inspections that will be carried out after the complaints of citizens. The representative of the Ministry also added that under the prohibited import products are not only food, but also industrial goods. “It is important to consider the aspect that administrative liability for citizens comes only in the case of transportation and storage of such products with a sales objective,” — said in an

Aksyonov arrived at the court of the Crimea as a witness in the case on February 26

Photo: RIA Novosti The Supreme court of Crimea plans to question the head of the region Sergey Aksenov as a witness in the case against the member is prohibited in the Russian Federation “of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people” Akhtem chigusa, who is accused of organizing mass riots outside the Parliament building of the Republic in February 2014. This was announced by the Chiygoza lawyer Nikolai Polozov. “In the Supreme court of Crimea the hustle and bustle has arrived Sergey Aksenov. So today in the case of Akhtem chigusa questioning of the witness,” wrote Polozov before the start of the hearing on his page in Facebook. TASS does not yet have a review of the press service of the head of the Crimea. According to investigators, the unrest of February 26, 2014 two people were killed and 79 were injured. The organizer of the riots, the investigation and the prosecution

About Seagull Ulyukayev: the man confused state service and your pocket

Photo: RIA Novosti Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that the evidence in the case against ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev more than convincing. He said this in an interview TASS. “I responsibly say: evidence is more than convincing. People have confused state service and your pocket. How can you charge an additional amount for the performance of official duties?”, – Chaika told. He also said that if the person lacks the salary of the official, then he should go to the private sector. Earlier it was reported that the court left speaker under house arrest.