2500 units and 4000 soldier: who and what makes Europe the most militarized area in the world

Two and a half thousand pieces of equipment and four thousand soldiers distributed over six countries of Europe in the framework of NATO strategy. In addition to Poland are Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania. In fact, the operation “Atlantic determination” makes Eastern Europe one of the most militarized area in the world.


Under the pretext of a mythical Russian threat, NATO is amassing forces here, which was not here a quarter of a century. On the roads of Germany, the Baltic States, Poland already passed 87 tanks “Abrams”, 18 self-propelled howitzer “paladin”, 144 fighting vehicles “Bradley”. Air delivered three and a half thousand soldiers of the U.S. army. And this is only the first wave.


Analysts estimate that just over the Western borders of Russia will hang the “fist” of the three and a half thousand tanks. Interestingly, this figure coincides almost exactly with the plan “Barbarossa” – Hitler at the time, drove to the borders of the USSR 3332 tank.


In order not to violate signed in 1997-m to year “the Founding Act of the NATO-Russia” American troops will be stationed on permanent rotation basis. That is, each brigade and division will be in Eastern Europe for 9 -10 months and then they will replace another unit. This will allow the greatest possible number of soldiers and officers meet with potential theater of war.


Surely, in the depths NATO is ready and the plan of attack scenarios and campaigns, and will almost certainly it does not take into account that long-suffering Poland again can become a plowed field of battle. And that’s even if the parties do not dare to use nuclear weapons.


To accuse someone of potential aggression and became the aggressor himself – the old plan of the White house, worked in dozens of wars from Vietnam to Libya. The author of the last – Barack Obama. And Donald Trump, even at the presidency, and even with a strong desire, will be very difficult to turn those big gears of the military machine.