Trump has decided to meet the plane with the remains of the deceased in Yemen commando

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump went to the air force base Dover to meet the plane with the remains of the fighter of special troops of the Navy William Owens, who was killed in Yemen during a RAID on the headquarters of the terrorists. It is reported TASS with reference to the journalists accompanying the head of state.

It is noted that this trip was not listed in the schedule of the head of state on Wednesday, February 1, which is pre-distributed to the White house.

President was accompanied by his daughter Ivanka, and democratic Senator Chris coons. The farewell ceremony will be held behind closed doors, what did you ask the family of Owens.

Owens became the first military personnel who died during the presidential term, trump, which began January 20. Attack on camp of insurgents “al-kaidy” in the Central part of Yemen became the first counter-terrorist operation mandated by trump as President.

The attack was destroyed 14 fighters, including the brother of the former leader of the Yemeni jihadist Anwar al-Aulyaki. Americans one person was killed and three wounded.

The operation against the Yemen wing of “al-Qaeda” has been discussed for several months. The previous administration of President Barack Obama was unable to decide whether to authorize it, considering the risks that will inevitably be inflicted on the commandos during the operation in the heart of the warring countries, and referred the matter to the administration trump. The new President, promises to fight radical Islamic terrorism around the world, launched a drone strike on militants immediately after taking office.

“Al-Qaeda” has been included in Russia’s list of terrorist organizations, for participation in activities which provide for criminal liability.